by Nick Christophers

Filmmaking is a complex discipline that requires the creator to develop their own vision. When it comes to filmmaker Jeongwon Lee she works towards creating a question about the perspective by the viewer. For her it is a rare way of approaching a story and offering it to the film lover. Her training in her native Korea set the stage for her success in the States. When it came to this discipline narrative films developed into her focus. One her favorite subjects to create are unique and powerful videos. Lee is also a writer, producer, and director yet out of all of them producing is closest to heart. This is due to her love within the journey of the creative process of producing.

“I have produced many things from commercials to films my entire career. There is a joy and satisfaction that only producing can give me. Like, when you plan out things for film, and when they work perfectly, it gives more than joy to you. Also, when you solve the problems the project faces, and the production can move on thanks to your work, it gives you extreme thrills.”

Since embarking on her filmmaking journey, she has discovered that she enjoys working on thrillers. So far, she has released two projects Into the Dark and Uncalled Guest. These projects are shorts that have garnered good attention. Both films focus on an individual’s misfortune. Into the Dark is the story about a poor burglar accidentally stuck in someone’s basement. And Uncalled Guest is a story about a woman who lives in the middle of the woods far away from other people, gets unexpected guests, and gets an anonymous phone call saying that she should not trust the guest.

One of the shorts has already been featured in two festivals. Into the Dark made it as a finalist in the New York International Film Festival, and Official Selection for the New York Movie Awards. The short was also selected for the special screening for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Film Screening in KENEKTID Gallery, Manhattan. For the Uncalled Guest Lee plans to enter it into film festivals this year. For 2022 she is working on a film of a different genre entitled Meeting Mr. Oscar, which is a human drama. Besides this project she is also working towards a series of videos focusing on New York artist for KENEKTID New York.

“There are so many talented artists in NY with distinctive styles. We will introduce those talented artists’ works, lifestyles, and opinions about different topics.”

To kick off 2022 Lee is gearing up to shoot a short documentary as well as a TV pilot series. She is a filmmaker with specific goals and welcomes the many hats she wears to accomplish these goals. Check out her list of credits on IMDB.