by Nick Christophers

In truth any film 90% of it is in pre-production where it all really comes together. No one knows that better than filmmaker/cinematographer/Editor, Ryan Tian. He has been at the game for a fleeting time, but his credits keep growing. Ryan’s advantage is that he is versed in editing and cinematography which to him to be a better director. According to Ryan there are three stages to shape a film: writing, filming, editing.

“Completing a project from scratch to finish, all starts with a simple idea, which excites me to take action immediately. Then the images float in my mind. Usually, I would draw them down on my notebooks or note pads. The advantage of using note pads is that you can move them around to see and feel which fits where and how to make it better. It works like storyboarding. After blueprinting the whole idea, it is the execution. Sometimes I collaborate with a team. When you are around good people, it is amazing to see how people’s talents shine the project altogether.”

Ryan uses his own technique when it comes to working on a project. For him looking through different lenses you can capture the energy and interpret the space of the actors involved in the film. He acquires his inspiration and motivation from sources like books, films, galleries, exhibitions, even people’s conversations. Ryan has developed a curiosity about people and how they deal with their surroundings and the relation between them. His theory is it is better to observe all things with no prejudice and in their purest form which can trigger new ideas.

Depending on what he is working on projects can take days or even months to complete. In the beginning of his filmmaking journey, he very much a perfectionist but he realized anything that is perfect is only a myth. It is almost impossible to accomplish. What Ryan strives is the authentic, the tangible, the feeling that touches the heart is his goal.

Ryan has mastered these disciplines and began earning awards. He won awards for the films “When Sky Was Sea” and “For Want of A Nail”. For “When Sky Was Sea” was a Gold Remi Winner at the 52nd Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival 2019 and “For Want of A Nail” won Best Editor at the Feel The Reel International Film Festival 2018. There are many other festivals that both projects earned awards. As far as Commercials go, he won Best Commercial / Promotional Video in Top Shorts Film Festival 2021 which he filmed and edited. Based on his philosophical way of working the camera and the editing it is no surprise that he is on his way to amazing works ahead.

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