by Nick Christophers

At this very moment, the scenic nation of Cuba is screaming for freedom and liberty and along comes a beacon of that philosophy in songstress, Criss Marron. A native of that nation she grew up amongst a family that relished the beauty and freedom of music. Her grandfather was a trumpet player and her mother a songwriter and vocal couch. Criss felt inspired by her mother and grandfather and took to music like a sponge to water. She is the type of artist that welcomes all types of people to rejoice in her music which encompasses love and hope. At four years old, Criss took to the piano and mastered her first notes and by ten years old was already writing lyrics and performing.

Besides her parents being an influence so were acts like; Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Alejandro Sanz, Backstreet Boys, Alex Ubago, Black Eye Peas, and Celia Cruz. The sound that brings to the table is a mix of Latino R&B, Reggaeton, urban fusion and Hip-Hop, with a taste of Cuban seasoning. The driving force behind her music is the desire to empower people, especially women. Criss would soon sign on with New York record label, Y.L.S. Entertainment Group.

After signing on with them she released a track as a tribute to one of her favorite singers, Gloria Estefan, and Bolero Cubano. The track was entitled “CON LOS AÑOS QUE ME QUEDAN”. This was only a small taste of her what she can bring to the table. She then broke out with the sizzling single “LOQUERA ft. Bobby the Dog”. This project was produced by See See Beats and Criss Marron. The video was directed by Unchained Creatives. As of this writing the single has garnered 400 thousand views on You Tube since its release. It also saw major support from countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Chile.

On the horizon is her new single “La Mujer” which is due out on July 23rd. This specific track is intended to honor her Cuban musical roots mixed with Hip Hop. For the most part Criss feels a duty to spread the desire for freedom through her music and especially for women. As a native of Cuba, she can relate to the cries for liberty and democracy emanating from the land of her birth. The new track for her is meant to empower women around the world fighting for freedom, equality, and unity and ultimately to be dedicated to all Cuban women to have an inspirational anthem during this revolutionary time in Cuba. #soscuba

“I am happy to announce the soon to be released “LA MUJER”. A project that aims to encourage, empower and unite women around the world for the mission of rediscovering and promoting the importance of the female role, not only as mothers or as a symbol of beauty; but as entrepreneurs, allies, activists and responsible leaders who work in favor of society. La Mujer is a modern shout of power, an artistic call to action and a visual invitation to revisit the history of the women who marked a historical before and after in favor of rights over gender equality.”

Her main goal now is to release a full album by the end of 2021 with an uplifting Latin sound for all to enjoy. You can keep up to date with her music at the website below and follow her on the YouTube channel CrissMarronVevo.

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