“dance is rhythmic movement whose purpose is “to represent men’s characters as well as what they do and suffer” a statement from Aristotle’s play Poetics”

This would be a true assessment when it comes to the joy and emotions that are portrayed by Sara when she takes the stage. Being born and raised in the country which adopted Greek theatre and created their own version of dances it is no surprised that it runs through her veins. At six years old she knew in her heart that dance and physical expression was the way to go.
Studying at first in ballet and modern dance she would shift gear when discovering the edgy style of Hip Hop and Urban dances. She studied at the Show Time Dance Studio and the Pedagogical Progression of Dance and Choreographic Composition in Italy. While she honed her skill, she was given the opportunity to be a back-up dancer for the Italian band “Tiromamcino”. This open the door to work on a music video with well-known choreographer Mecnun Giasar. In addition, she also took part in “Italian’s Got Talent” and won second prize with her dance team in the national annual dance competition of ITALIAN WORLD DANCE.
Moving on to the New York dance scene she won a scholarship from the Academy of Steps on Broadway. She joined the Certificate Program at Peridance Capezio Center. Since landing in NY she has had the pleasure of working with such names like Nicholas Palmquist, Julie Magneville, Elisabetta Minutoli, Max Stone, Julia Ehrstrand, and G^2. For the past few years, she has performed with The Next Stage Project and Valleto. Even though they were hampered by the pandemic, both teams are looking to conduct a Europe / USA tour this summer performing in the respected countries of each of the dancers.

“I’m so excited to share that both companies have the idea to tour in Europe and USA. With the Next Stage Project, there is the plan to recreate one piece that was going to premiere in 2020, but it did not happen because Covid, and perform it in the NYC parks during the summer and after, with the new year, to go in tour in the native countries of the dancers. This idea come from the reality that most company members left the USA during pandemic, so we want to make a NYC cast and after travel to the country of each foreigner dancer to recreate a local cast and let this choreography live in different country and with different company members.”

Outside of performing with these groups she also began her own creative space called S|R|P|Z. Her hope is to create and spread art in non-artistic environments to normalize art. She hopes to develop it into a non-for-profit organization. Sara is also a director as she has created her own dance film entitled “Home” where she brought in Aika Takeshima as the dancer and videographer Rebecca Oviatt to bring it to life.

Currently she is working with Paul Rabinowitz (NYC writer) and Georgia Hursborn (UK dancer based in NYC) to make his poetry “The Monastery” into a dance movie and then hopefully into a live performance. Sara is also looking to film a few S|R|P|Z project’s one with videographer Kent Miller (NYC photographer) called “When we could Touch” and two others with dancer Aika Takeshima. One of them is called “Blocks” and the other untitled yet will be about bipolar disorder.

It is based on real testimonials of some people told through an artistic point of view in the aim to normalize this mental condition. She hopes to present it live at an opening of a NYC mental health care organization. For this specific project she is the creator, choreographer, and videographer. Sara is a strong force of nature that will do anything to bring her love of dance to the world in many different facets.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sara-pizzi-a514281a6