by Nick Christophers

Making the “impossible, possible” has been Muyun Zhou’s mission for some time. Since then, she has already put her stamp on six different short films. Most of these projects have garnered awards on an international level. For example, “To Be The Father”, was officially selected at the Asian On Film Festival Of Shorts, “Jasmine” won the London Arthouse Film Festival Award and Roma independent Prisma Awards. “The Hole” also won the Europe Film Festival Award in the editing category.

“When I saw Michael Jackson’s Music Video, even I didn’t understand English at all, through his performance, I still can comprehend the meaning of the song. It made me realize that not only language can convey the story, but the image also has the power to deliver it, which planted a seed to become a filmmaker at that time. When I was 15, I watched Independence Day for the very first time. I was so shocked by all the various special effects that were turning imagination into reality. After watching the film, I carefully watched the credit at the end. When I noticed the list of names on the VFX team, I knew that I would love to be on that list in the future to make the impossible possible.”

“To Be The Father” and “The Hole” were both completed in LA where Muyun is also in post-production of a talk show entitled “West To East” and a commercial show called “Perfect Project”. Besides these she also in the final stages of color correction on two other shorts “Corn” and “Dolly”. On these projects she is doing all the editing.

One of her favorite projects she has worked on is “To Be The Father” which she directed and edited. Since this project was mean to be a peaceful piece she shot in objectively and made sure the actors deliver their best performance. Her goal was to offer a purely artistic experience.

Muyun obtained her knowledge of film making from the New York Film Academy and it has shown in many facets. She has always strived to present projects with a human touch. In the projects “Dolly” and “Corn” reveal the aspects of broken family relationships and how they affect a child’s psychological health. The shorts also offer a teenager’s perspectives on how they face family issues. Some of the plots are pulled from the actual experiences of the creators of the films. So, there is personal element to the projects.

For her inspiration she has admired the works of Alfonso Cuaron and Hirokazu Koreeda. Cuaron’s project “Roma” gave her whole new perspective on how to approach editing and film production. As for Hirokazu she most admires his focus on the ordinary elements of filmmaking. For Muyun she looks to mesh her cultural background with western ideals that will enable her to communicate a message to the masses. Using her unique perspective and passion in her works.

“My background has given me a chance to receive Oriental education since my childhood. I have already come to the United States for three years, and I hope to use my unique perspective with Oriental cultural background to show and communicate to the world from different views to the west.”

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