by Nick Christophers

From a young man Justin was drawn to the beauty of art and what it can offer to his well-being. One of them was the visual appreciation through a camera lens. He was self-taught where he started with a film camera capturing images of nature, people, and his pet companion. This desire morphed into fashion photography which was triggered by his growing modeling career. Even though he works now with a digital camera he still utilizes natural lighting for his work.

“I genuinely love fashion when it comes to photography. A lot of my early work I took on selecting models myself and styling them myself. There was something I enjoyed creating what I envisioned all by myself. Eventually I of course used a fashion stylist and had a whole team of people as that is best. But I absolutely love shooting women’s fashion.”

Yet Justin also had a love for acting which he studied before photography became an interest. He has been studying acting since 2014 one of individuals he had studied under was Anthony Abeson. Justin became a member of the Actors Studio where he is constantly honing his skill.

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Justin has found that acting is more demanding than photography, yet he savors the challenge and when he nails a role it is very satisfying. He admits that acting it is a craft that requires constant learning and a willingness to share your deepest fears and secrets to the masses. Photography is a creative outlet for Justin when he is not booked for acting work.

Since 2016 Justin has worked solely on TV projects but would be incredibly open to venture into film. He has had the opportunity to work on TV programs like “Blue Bloods” and the recent “Power Book II: Ghost”. Justin’s goal when he takes on an acting role is to deliver his most honest work and be true to the character he is portraying. Even though, photography is an important part of his life he is more devoted to his acting career.

On his current role as Jabari Reynolds on the show “Power Book II: Ghost” he has had the pleasure of working with such talents like Melanie Liburd (This is Us, Gypsy), Woody McClain (Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.) and Michael Rainey Jr. (Orange Is the New Black, Power). Justin would love to work with such talents like Denzel Washington, Maharshal Ali, Leonard DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Viola Davis, and Zendaya.

Besides “Power Book II: Ghost” Justin has also completed two shorts “The Separatists” and “Ladies Cheap Cocktails”. Since the spike in COVID-19 cases it is harder for productions to continue but Justin has a positive outlook that this soon will pass, so he can offer his talent to upcoming possibilities. He is becoming a sort after actor who will surprise most for his passion for acting.