Artist Erinn Alissa was at first introduced to country music via her mother which she gravitated to but
that all that soon changed. Erinn soon discovered Pop acts like Madonna, Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul and shied away from country music but things would come full circle eventually. Eventually, meaning Erinn learned the beauty of all types of music and that they all derive from a mood, and vibe, and that it’s all driven by a melody and a story.

When it came to country artists that have influenced her the list is long but acts like Shania Twain and Garth Brooks stand out. But she has also been touched by the works of Tom Petty, Caitlyn Smith, Chris Stapleton, Lori McKenna and Jason Isbell. Her music has fallen into what some call “soulful country” but you would have to be the judge of that. We have to note that before music became her mission, she was a dancer and actress and was involved with musical theatre. She performed in national tours. But as we can see she changed gears and returned to her first love, music.

When she decided to take on the music world, she released two singles which were well received in Canada and the UK. It was unexpected but a welcome response that opened the opportunity for Erinn to capitalize on that success.

“It’s interesting because when I released my first single, “Just Another”, it was played in Canada almost immediately, and called “Canadian country,” which I had never heard before! I wonder if it was the Shania influence?”

Erin who is based in LA has performed at many venues but two stood out for her. In LA she has had successful performances at The Mint and Molly Malone’s. Outside of LA she enjoyed taking the stage at a club called Trip in Santa Monica. She recently released the new single “Over You” in 2020 along with the video that she completed with producer Max Allyn. On the horizon she is planning to release an EP which the single “Over You” was a taste of what to expect. The second single “Home” will be released on all platforms in June 28th. In addition, she will be opening for Katey Sagal and the Reluctant Apostles at The Mint on June 26th with her band, Erinn Alissa and the Low Volume Band. Keep your eyes and ears out for this multi-genre artist that is due to make a mark on American radio.
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