Dancing has been a part of Sofie’s life as far back as she can remember. She used to lock herself in her room and dance for hours creating her own fantasy world. Well, it no longer is a fantasy as she not only created her own dance crew, but has been a backup dancer for acts like Cardi B and was a semi-finalist on Norway’s Got Talent. She trained in her native country: Norway, but learned of the level of training in LA and was determined to go and hone her skills there. Hence, she enrolled in intensive dance classes in LA and her passion for dancing reached another level.

Sofie was born in Oslo, which became a natural base, but she was constantly moving. She was handpicked as a lead dancer to tour the country with two Urban Theatre Productions under the organization of Norwegian Network for Performing Arts. The original productions which were titled “I am Us” and “Fear Infection” were both created and choreographed by Belinda Braza, one of Norway’s most awarded and renowned choreographers of urban movement. Sofie also found an interest in uploading self-choreographed dance videos onto YouTube. These videos were quickly discovered by organizers and studio owners all over Europe and as a result, they invited her to come and teach at their dance studios. Sofie was soon flown out to teach workshops in countries like Spain, Sweden, Poland, French Guyana, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, UK and Belarus. In addition to teaching outside of Norway, she has also performed in major TV- productions like “Véronic DiCaire Show” in Paris, “ZDF – Fernsehgarten” in Germany, “Skavlan” filmed in Sweden, and a European Puma Campaign with the designer Sophia Webster which was shot in London. Sofie’s career in Norway was evolving with the same speed and she was asked to dance in countless TV-productions along with performing beside major artists on prime programs like The Voice Norway, Norwegian Idol and Eurovision Song Contest Norway.

“Though I always enjoy working with new people, and being a part of brand-new exciting projects, there is something so special about getting to work with people who believed in me from the very beginning. Like the Norwegian artist Alexandra Joner who I was working with for 9 years. Through being a part of her full production, not only dancing, but also choreographing, brainstorming concepts, sewing costumes and of course performing in music videos and live shows across the country, a special bond and countless of unforgettable moments and memories were created.”

One of Sofie’s favorite experiences was choreographing and dancing for the Norwegian TV Show “The Ultimate Entertainer” which she has worked with for seven consecutive seasons. She mentions that other special occasions were dancing in productions that went viral worldwide. One example is the Norwegian comedy-duo YLVIS’ novelty music video “What does the fox Say” which now has over 900 million views on YouTube. Another impressive accomplishment is having the lead role of a dancing teacher in the rap duo Madcon’s video “Don’t Worry” which has reached over 133 million views on YouTube. In 2013, Sofie founded the all-female dance crew Werkin’ Girls, who took the country by storm by being semi-finalists in Norway’s Got Talent in 2014. The crew proceeded to be headhunted to compete on the Norwegian TV show- My Dance Crew, as the only all-female dance crew on the show. As a result of their impressive performances on the show, Werkin’ Girls were invited to perform at Dancing With The Stars Norway with one of the guest hosts. This was followed by a request for Werkin’ Girls to perform on Senkveld med Thomas OG Harald (Norway’s version of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon).

When Sofie made LA her new home, she knew that she would still be traveling. She soon thereafter got the opportunity to travel to perform in Las Vegas, Miami, St. Louis and New York. She was booked as a dancer on prestigious TV shows like NBC’s the Voice, The Tonight Show – Starring Jimmy Fallon and the BET Awards. One of her top accolades was performing in Cardi B’s music video “Press” which now has over 65 million views on YouTube. Sofie has danced behind Brazil’s mega pop star Anitta and her widely recognized talent led her to also being hired by such acts like Hailee Steinfeld, DaBaby and DaniLeigh.

“The life of a dancer is always unpredictable. You never know what opportunity is around the corner, or where your path is going to lead you. One thing is certain, I will continue to work hard and dream big. That has been my recipe up to this point, and in my opinion – it is working. I take nothing for granted, and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I have been blessed with so far. But I know that there are even more adventures and dreams waiting to be brought to life.”

Sofie’s Website: http://www.sofieloken.com