by Nick Christophers

Did you ever hear a song that from the first verse that it just embraced you to the point that you could not get the melody out of your head? Well, when ShoeBox Records released “I Come Alive” in Sept. of 2019 by Girls On The Avenue it took the world by storm and when you hear them you will feel that spark ignite. Since their release, they have been on fire with no “Extinguisher” in-sight. Girls On The Avenue have been featured on New York’s Remix Top 30 Countdown Radio Station, 103.5 KTU, with the legendary Hollywood Hamilton and hit the Billboard charts only two months later. “I Come Alive” hit the airways in New York the same night the group was being interviewed in Chicago on the Dance Factory radio station. Since the release of “I Come Alive”, they have created 12 remixes by some of the top Dj’s & Producers worldwide, including some dynamic talent like Country Club Martini Crew, and Producers like Mike Ivy, Dave Rose, Dimitri Tee, Nikademis & Dj Dos.

““I Come Alive” is a feel-good song, that lights the spark, the fire and the spirit that we sometimes lose on our journey through life,” — Trish Melek, a member of the group.

“The music never dies even after the lights go out,” — Pamella Lee, the other member of Girls On The Avenue and who has been singing since she was able to walk.

Trish Melek was born in Canarsie, Brooklyn on Flatlands Ave and Ave J, where all the girls would hang out “doing their thing” until the street lights went on and they had to head home. She was influenced at an early age by her uncle, who was an artist/performer and she would watch him on stage with a twinkle in her eyes. Her father sang to her since she was born.

“Music was our TV when we were kids. I remember my Dad holding his radio and singing to me as we walked to our family business singing songs from Frank Sinatra to the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight” knowing every word,” — Trish.

Pamella Lee was blessed with having her mother’s angelic voice singing songs from Motown to oldies like “Mama” and performing with her over the years at different venues throughout the tri-state area. Pamella was born in Manhattan, raised in Queens and lived in Brooklyn for ten years before migrating to Long Island to raise her family.

The girls were close during their young adult years as best friends, venturing on their own musical journeys. Pamella Lee who created a spectacular tribute to Cher, re-enacting her songs with the replicas of Cher’s outfits, which you would have to do a double-take to make sure it’s not Cher herself. Whereas, Trish Melek started as a background singer and dancer with a group called “Jay In Motion” and toured with some of the legendary freestyle artists like Coro, George Lamond, Lisa Lisa, and many others. She crossed over when she co-wrote a song with Jayquan from the Nazty-Boys and filmed their video together “Una Noche” in Hampton Bays, New York.

Girls On The Avenue have some great things in-store for 2020, with a new release and a video coming out in the Spring and several concert tours this summer. Look out for their magical voices coming to a city near you. You can download and follow them at all the digital platforms or Instagram @GirlsOnTheAvenuemusic or Facebook @GirlsOnTheAveMusic.