Lian is an actress that does not believe in boundaries when it comes to acting. She has single-handedly taken on her own project along with close friend, Julienne Green, to prove they can make it happen. Even though the project which is titled is “Project” is not yet completed she is excited on how it is developing.

“I feel like when you act you can bring out different versions of yourself and give them the freedom to live. I always just knew that this is what I am going to do (as weird as it sounds). I remember my father asking me when I was younger if I have a plan B (?), and I remember myself shocked that he’d even ask me that. I was laughing because it “made sense” that he would ask me that but I never found it relevant.”

She has drawn most of her inspiration from her favorite actress, Meryl Streep. Lian admires how Meryl always got lost in the character she was playing, almost like the character became another layer in her persona.  Lian hopes to emulate that type of acting in her work. Her own project is about young artists who create their own projects and not just wait for someone to “discover” them, and the effect it has on their life. This whole idea is what her film / musical is about which was written by Lian and Julienne.

Lian goes back and forth from LA to NY for numerous callbacks and it has been nothing but good progress on both coasts. Yet she makes her home in LA where she is signed to an acting agency. While in LA she has taken part in a few projects like the feature film “Moon Manor”, written and directed by the incredible Machete Bang Bang and Erin Granat. That specific project made it into the “Reimagine End Of Life” festival in San Francisco (2019). She also had a role as the character in Angela in the short film “The Dance” which came after another short called “Stuck”. The project “Stuck” was directed by the award winning director David Mikalson, where she played a gymnast. Outside of acting she also performed as a dancer at the amazing Full Throttle stage which is part of the “Six Flags Magic Mountain” amusement park.

This is only a small portion of her talents as she had already produced her own dance video called “It won’t Stop” which she choreographed.  Lian was joined by talented dancers Sapir Barzilay and Amit Gueta. Even though the video was more of a fun project than anything else it was a great learning experience for her. She did return to acting at the Let’s Broadway Cabaret at the West End lounge (NYC) in the show “Like other girls” which she sang a song that she still holds close to her heart. Currently, besides the project with Julienne she is working on one woman show, directed by the phenomenal Kimleigh Smith.

On the horizon Lian has a lot on her plate her one-woman show, her musical with Julienne which is entitled “Waiting” also many more collaborations with other young artists who have a passion as she does. Lian is a due to surprise many in the industry with her “taking the bull from the horns” approach, be on the look-out for her new website which should be up soon in 2020.