by Nick Christophers

It is without a doubt “if you can make it in NY you can’t make it anywhere”. This would be the case for the emerging artist Yuan Liao who has started to settle into the art scene. Arriving from China she looked to expand her skills in industrial design and other disciplines like Adobe Illustrator. She would attend Pratt University and complete a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2018 prior to that she acquired a BA in Industrial Design (Product Design) in her native China at Tsinghua University. While on her mission in the art scene she was an exchange student for such educational institutions like Royal College of Art and Keio University n in 2017.

“I feel like I have not fulfilled what I intended in my art. Yet I look to make it my mission to express my work in all aspects to the public.”

Yuan has applied her skills in different types of art like solid works, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe sketching and industrial design. She bases most of her work in a rational idea or thought. Yuan’s goes into her work looking to express her ideas in a rational way. Yet when it comes to her water-color paintings they seem to represent a different thought process. The same can be said for her amazing sketches that are depicted in much detail.

Her work has not gone unnoticed as she has won her first award in China titled the “Outstanding Work Prize” (2014) which is said to be the most prominent one to earn in her native land. The piece that earned the award was entitled “Squat Toilet”. The show which is called The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts featured everything from traditional art to technical pieces.

While in New York she has offered her talents to such companies like UTO, INDEED Innovation, CUIXU Studios and Sprayground. Most of her work for these companies was as an industrial designer. Her Thesis project was even featured at some famous galleries such as Prisma Gallery and the Patrizio Contemporary Art Gallery.

Yuan is on a mission to offer her undivided attention to her work no matter who she works for. Presently, after securing her O-1 visa she is on a path to bring her creative work wherever she hangs her brush, lap top or industrial tool. All the descriptions of her paintings are on her website.