Whether you’re a distance-obsessed runner training for your next 10K or even a hard-core yogi, whoever said fitness and fashion had to be mutually exclusive? Go ahead, ditch those faded gray oversized t-shirts and wind shorts from your high school gym days. These fashion forward fitness looks are so cute, you may find yourself sporting them in and out of the gym.

Let’s start with one of the most crucial components in any athletic endeavor, whether you’re gearing up for a killer Jillian Michaels video or a turbo-fueled session of tennis: your shoes. Never, ever underestimate the importance of athletic shoes. Footwear is key to absorbing shock so that your shins and knees don’t have to. This prevents injury and ensures a fun workout. An added plus is when you can look cute while working up a sweat.

Footwear Trend You Gotta Try: Reebok Women’s EasyTone and RunTone Shoes

This fitness trend has not just 1, but 2 benefits. While the Reebok Women’s EasyTone shoes are cute, they also provide another bonus. The EasyTone shoes tone your butt and legs while you walk. Pockets of air in the soles actually throw you off balance just a bit – which provides added work for your rear, calves and hamstrings.

For low-impact workouts, such as walking, or for everyday use, try the EasyTone. For you runners out there, there’s the RunTone. If you’re picky about color and design, go for a customized look on the Reebok website. $99.98 and up

Footwear Trend You Gotta Try: Vibram FiveFingers

While this item may not fit your conventional idea of “fashion-forward” – or footwear – for that matter, it’s a hot fitness trend, nonetheless. Picture a shoe that fits as a glove, providing separation for each of your toes. Vibram FiveFingers give you that nostalgic sense of running barefoot as a child, while providing protection and gripping power with the shoe’s trademark sole.

Wear Vibram FiveFingers for running, kayaking, and even rock climbing. These shoes have velcro straps that provide a custom fit, as well as some really cool prints and designs for girls and guys. This fitness trend is best for the outdoors sports enthusiast who wants to make a statement. $80

Yoga Fitness Fads

Yoga clothes offer some of the most innovative varieties of fashion forward trends, with fabrics that can be converted to everyday active wear. From loose-fitting cotton blends to tight-fitting trademarked threads that wick moisture, inhibit odor and move with your body as you stretch, you’ll probably want to wear these clothes even after you’ve come out of final savasana. To stay up-to-date on yoga fads, look for dark fabrics offset by a small pop of color, and even Beverly Hills-based guru Bikram Choudhury with his Rolexes and spandex would be proud.

Yoga Fashion Fad You Gotta Try: Lucy Hatha Capri Leggings

For the everyday world, the craze is leggings and jeggings and fitted pants (oh my!). Lucy offers us its take on this fad in a new version of their best selling Hatha yoga pant. The capris are fitted all the way from the hips to just below the knees, where they cut off.

The pant’s dark color, low inseam and trademarked compression Lucy powermax fabric offers a slender silhouette. The nylon and lycra leggings are offset with 2 thin bands of color at the bottom. Choose from black pants with a black or freesia trim, or midnight navy pants with a Fiji blue trim. $68

Yoga Fashion Trend You Gotta Try: Lucy Hatha Power Skirt

Let’s face it. Some girls are just, well, girly. If you fit this mold and want to maintain your über feminine style going to and from the yoga studio, this skirt’s for you. It’s also made in Lucy’s trademark powermax fabric, and features 4-way stretch and flat-locked seams. A hidden feature: a handy pocket in the interior waste band, good for holding lip gloss, credit cards or a key. Go ahead, pop into a posture with it on (we just recommend you wear shorts underneath). $58

Sports Bra Saavy

Perhaps the biggest trend in sports bras right now is not to use one – at least, not in the traditional sense. Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll be working out with no support. Many tops now have built-in sports bras that provide optimum support and control. The only trick is to make sure you don’t buy yours too tight in the bust area – remember, you still want to breathe.

Look for sports bra tops made of polyester, nylon and spandex blends to provide ultimate fit and moisture-wicking capabilities. Since these tops do dub as a shirt and sports bra in one, it’s really important to get the right fit. Make the effort to try on a few first. Try aerobic movements such as jogging in place, or do a few jumping jacks to get an idea of the top’s capabilities.

Sports Bra Trend You Gotta Try: Nike Airborne Long Women’s Sports Bra

This top is made for medium impact workouts, like spin or step classes. With an internal support frame for extra “holding power,” and a mesh bra lining, this double-duty top features a racer-back and back panel. Bra cups are made of Nike’s DRI-FIT fabric, with 94% polyester, and 6% spandex. Tops are 2-toned in color, and even have a utility shelf to clip your iPod. Choose from color combos like ink and hot lime or deep burgundy and challenge red. $45

Sports Bra Trend You Gotta Try: Athleta Seamless Wave Bra Top

If you’re still convinced you need a bit more support, you may like the seamless wave bra top from Athleta. It’s soft and lightweight, so you won’t even know it’s there. The bra is the ultimate in functionality, with an adjustable lingerie strap and a back hook, if you like more of the racerback feel. Shirring adds support, and bra cups are removable, if you don’t want the extra shaping or coverage.

This bra works for training at the gym, exploring your nearby hiking trails and even for trips out to the grocery store. As with any athletic wear worth its snuff, the bra top is made of a trademarked Meryl skinlift fabric with nylon, polyester and spandex. It comes in 3 color combos: black/ice, raspberry/camelia and gem blue/porcelain. $34