by Nick Christophers

There are many men and women out there trying to produce and create their own shows on radio or TV, it is a tough racket but with so many indie avenues to venture into it offers some solace for those putting in a strong effort. This could be said for Alexa Modugno who hails from New Jersey but has her heart set on the bright lights of Manhattan. It is no surprise to say that from a young age she knew the entertainment world was for her.

She drew most of her inspiration from her parents who surrounded her with the sights and sounds of Broadway. She only took it to another level. At first music was her medicine as she mastered the viola where she garnered a scholarship to Syracuse after being a recipient of Filene Concerto Competition. Alexa graduated from the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Riverdale, NY. After attending Vanderbilt, she ended up at NYU. With her musical talent she played with a group called Strange Walls (punk rock band) that has performed throughout the New York area.

Alexa studied the viola and even went to music camps to improve her craft. She attended music camps every summer including Interlochen, Belvoir Terrace, Boston University Tanglewood Institute and Green Mountain. One of them was Meadowmount, where such prodigies like Isaac Perlman and Joshua Bell attended. Yet the strict and demanding regiment was not what Alexa was looking for. Hence, acting, writing and hosting became her new calling.

“My parents truly inspired me, especially my mother who used to take me to Broadway shows and museums. When I visited the MOMA I was really drawn to the painting “Starry Night” which believe it or not inspired me and had a profound impact on me.”

Yet currently music has taken a back seat as she has focused on establishing herself as a talk show host. She has the looks and the wit to pull that off. She has made her acting debut in the project “A Beautiful Distraction” directed by Marcus Slabine which she plays a singer. That was followed by another film entitled “Nick & Nicky” where she played a socialite.

Not too long after that she auditioned to be a presenter at the recent Winter Film Festival in Manhattan. She was not only a presenter but also a film judge. It was a major stepping stone for Alexa and proof that she had what it took to be on a stage. She also returned to music by linking up with DJ / pianist Pierro. On top of all this she took place in a fashion show runway for Daniel Chimowitz at the Watson Hotel alongside drag kid superstar Desmond is Amazing. Chimowitz’s style is considered an artsy type of fashion where some of the designs are splattered with paint to make it very unique.

“I was so excited to not only be chosen as a film judge but then a presenter. It was a milestone for me and feather in my cap for future possibilities at other festivals.”

Besides the fashion, film festivals and acting Alexa has gained a spot as a free-lance writer and culture editor for the publication Frontrunner magazine. She focuses her work on showcasing all types of talent from music, art, fashion and film. She has realized that conducting interviews and working with the public is her niche and there is nothing more she would love to do than host her own show. Alexa has done a lot in a short time and is looking to grow with every new endeavor. Sooner than we know we will find her on many a red carpet in the near future.