by Nick Christophers

Over the past 20 years or so the public has become more food conscious and watching what they are eating. Most foods on the market are filled with sugar, additives and preservatives that are not essentially good for us. There has been an insurgence of nutritionists and bodybuilders coaching their clients that the only way to improve your health is through eating the proper meals.

Zoi Maroudas is neither a nutritionist nor a bodybuilder but a well-educated individual who has seen the same pitfalls in the food consumption in America. She is a native of the island of Zankythos in Greece where she learned at an early age the importance of a well-balanced diet. Her family comes from a farming background where having natural foods is paramount to good health.

Zoi along with her parents and two brothers embarked to America in 1984 bringing their farming skills with them. Her parents opened a restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska where they promoted good food and healthy eating habits to their customers. Zoi took all that knowledge to heart and excelled in science in school. She would then attend Baylor Medical School and then studied at the University of Washington her area of study was in gynecology, oncology, geriatrics and neuroscience.

When she began working at certain hospitals she realized the disconnect with the food element and the patients. Most of the patients dreaded the meals they were being offered. In turn, Zoi proposed a solution to the heads of the hospitals of offering a better alternative. What she offered was a healthy meal option that not only tasted good but had all the nutrients and vitamins necessary to assist in their recovery. She would be granted a budget and her mission actually did equal results among the patients.

This was where the idea of Bambino Frozen Foods was born. The name is unique as it crosses all cultures as a name that is basically a universal. In the Italian, Greek or Latin culture it is well-known. The product has been well received nationally and slowly is becoming international. The product primarily a baby food is also available for adults. It is based solely on high amounts of protein, grains and vegetables that we normally do not consume daily but should. The product is sold in a pouch with five meals consisting of fifteen star shaped cubes.

They are made to be easy for a baby or toddler to eat and digest. The star cubes are also good for babies who are teething. Also the food can be melted and mixed with other foods like macaroni and cheese. The flavors vary from filet mingion, salmon and others. These products have all the proper nutrients and vitamins needed for the body without the need of supplements.

One of the key reasons Zoi decided to set up Bambino Foods in Alaska was because the state still has clean water and the farmers do not need to use pesticides. By doing so the vegetables that they grow are super rich in what they contain essential for children and adults. Also their seafood is rich in Omegas a key ingredient for good health. They pride themselves in pristine resources. The product is shipped nationwide and a family can order a month supply for the $127 not bad for a well-balanced meal.

Zoi’s mission is not only to produce and distribute the product but to educate people of the importance of health and wellness. In her time of working on Bambino Frozen Baby Food she has garnered many awards. In her hometown of Anchorage she was given the Made in Alaska Manufacturing Award and in Texas she was honored with the State of Texas Award for champing nutrition awareness in Texas and across the US.

“Every award holds value to me. Yet the most important one which was not an award but a breakthrough was when allergists and pediatricians accepted a product I was pushing called the Peanut Nanny. It was made to prevent peanut allergies among children. It was a great feat to have it accepted and utilized in the market.”

Bambino Frozen Foods has also branched out to China, Canada and Singapore and looking to reach other nations. As we mentioned earlier it is not only for infants and toddlers but adults. Bodybuilders are beginning to pick up the product for its heavy amounts of protein. The filet has 200 % of the daily value of Vitamin A to boost the immune system. There is 70% Vitamin C, 25 % Calcium, 5% of B12, 48% of Protein and 14% of Iron. It is like an energy pack. There is no sugar and is low on sodium. The natural elements are still active and are not depleted which is a plus for anyone in the training zone.

For Zoi the product is not a brand but a family since they work with shelters and do outreach programs. She has done public speaking on the importance of health and wellness all over the United States. Her goal is to bring awareness of better health decisions and better eating habits. A good place to start is with the children so they can adopt the importance of good and healthy food consumption. To learn more about her products and her next appearance visit her at the website www.Bambinosbabyfood.com