6 Uses of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is perhaps the best bronzer out there, and it is even one of Sephora’s most-selling products!

This beautiful bronzer is a must-have in every beauty junkie’s makeup bag, and it is suitable for all skin tones, giving off a flawless and natural finish.

While one thinks of contouring when the name of Benefit Hoola pops up, there are in fact multiple ways you can use this little box of perfection.

Since it is a pure matte formula without any shimmer, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer can be used for your makeup in more than one way:
Faking A Tan
This product is literally ‘beach in a box’, giving you a natural tan all year round. A tanned, sun-kissed look is quite the hype these days, and with Benefit’s Hoola, you can achieve that in no time. Simply use a large fluffy powder brush and swipe over your forehead, chin and cheeks for a just-returned-from-the-beach-look.

Of course a bronzer’s ultimate job is contouring and lifting the natural features of the face. After applying a foundation, your face and features may seem flat, and a bronzer lifts up those features, adding sharpness, depth and detail. Contouring will also make your cheeks and jawline look razor sharp and chiselled, and nose slim, and Hoola does just the job for you. While you are at contouring, here are five mistakes to avoid for a flawless contour.

Using as an Eyeshadow
If you need to give the eyelids a quick warm-up, Benefit’s Hoola just might do the trick for you. It is great to give the eyes some warmth and as it compliments all skin tones, it gives a sultry effect. It can also help conceal the redness of the eye area, and and also help in creating a sexy brown smoky eye.

Getting a Healthy Glow
If you are not into getting that fake tan look or a contoured face, Benefit’s Hoola can do wonders for you to get a healthy glow. If your skin tone is on the paler side, a light swipe of Hoola can add color to your face, make it healthy and flushed. Since Hoola’s matte color is quite universal and has no shimmer, it will literally suit most skin tones and be great for a naturally healthy look. You can swipe it up lightly on the cheeks instead of a blush, and you will be good to go, looking on-fleek with that perfect healthy glow.

Create Fuller Lips
Benefit’s Hoola can also be used to create the illusion of full lips. Simply take a small eyeshadow brush and using a tiny amount of powder blend under the bottom lip. This will make the lips appear fuller without fillers, and you won’t even have to line your bottom lip.

Enhancing the Cleavage
Yup – you read that right, Benefit’s Hoola is one product that can help give you the appearance of a fuller bust. If you are wearing a low-cut or a v-neck top, using an angled brush the breasts can be defined by applying Hoola in half-circles around the curve of the breasts. Using this trick will help the breasts appear fuller and closer together.

While there a number of bronzers out there, in different formulas such as powder, liquid, cream and even gel, we have focused on Benefit’s Hoola as we believe it is the best one in the market. Its shimmer free matte formula makes it universally flattering, and it is great for beginners and professionals alike. It is not muddy, orangey or cakey, and is a butter-soft formula that glides on like a dream.