In a world of ever changing styles and trends a Florida based fashion designer stays ahead of the curve. Kevin the CEO of Prestige Kloset has made it his business to follow that curve. He began the brand in 2004 as a costume jewelry business which later grew and expanded on clothing designs. As a young man Kevin Linton used to mix and match his clothes creating his own style which ignited his interest in fashion.

He was then taught by his mentor Ms. Claudette Buckshon on the finer points of fashion designing. That is when he began to think of it in a more professional manner. All the designs of his company are hand-made with the best quality that sets him apart from other companies. Since its official inception in 2011 they have continued to create customized fashion for all ages. Kevin has made it where the company follows certain trends from runway ready to swimwear. Examples of certain types they have created are printed T-Shirts & caps, suits, hand-designed shoes, sandals & sneakers and many more.

When it comes to what seems most popular in terms of sales Kevin admits denim jeans have been up there. His company focuses on tailoring their clients with the best possible designs to fit their desires. That is one of many ways that makes his company unique.

“Prestige Kloset are creative designs giving to me by God thought visions and brought to light by the talent bestowed on me to bring prestige fashion to the world.“

Kevin has also worked with many talented music artists with their wardrobes. He worked alongside designer Raxann Chin as the assistant wardrobe stylist. Besides creating fashion setting designs the company also offers personal shopping services to make a client’s effort to find the perfect outfit, seamless. The company also has a division that deals with personal styling and image consulting that could be used for music videos or photo shoots.

One of the company’s key policies is building lasting relationships with their growing clientele. Kevin has always worked hard on managing shoots and producing unique commercial styling. At this point of his career Kevin is looking to expand his brand on an international level. His main goal is to receive support from individuals who can appreciate the uniqueness and creativity of Prestige Kloset.