After soaking up enough knowledge and practice in the music spectrum Ms. Lou and Ms. Xu have managed to plant themselves securely in America with their music. Both ladies graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studied at Manhattan School of Music, even though at different times they seemed to be on the same wave length. Ms. Lou who is younger has more of a modern vision but her classical and jazz experience as a composer falls in line with the older Ms. Xu. Both women are due to take center stage at Carnegie Hall to showcase their compositions

Ms. Lou came to America to broaden her horizons as a composer. She had already managed to have two of her pieces entered into the 2008 Olympics; won a silver medal in a major competition and also garnered several scholarships from her University in China. Ms. Xu also managed to receive praise for her works. Her piece “The Dream of The South” was included in the Lingnan Music Creation Collection and the composition “Seeing Off The Bride” was selected as part of fifty-six chorus works. That later piece was performed at the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria on August 3, 2006, at the closing ceremony of the 5th Beijing 2008 Olympic Cultural Festival on July 14, 2007, in Colorado, USA on January 29, 2008 and on February 9th of the same year in California, USA

After graduating from the Manhattan school of Music, Ms. Lou began to make her presence known by collaborating with the well-known Finnish accordionist Matt Pulkki and performing with the Manhattan New Music group. For Ms. Xu her piece “Grateful Rain” was published in the 5th issue of Music Creation 2017 and was performed at the Manhattan School of Music on April 2, 2018. Both ladies have made a mark in their native China and have begun to do the same in America.

The concert coming up at Carnegie Hall’s, Weill Recital Hall on October 1st is a special event since it will feature two composers who are so different in age. The old meets the youth in a culmination of beautiful compositions that will surely dazzle the audience. The show is being presented by the China National Literature & Art Foundation Aesthetic Development Fund and FFY Arts Production & Consulting Inc. The theme of the concert is “Exploring Sonic Frontiers: Two Generations of Chinese Women Composers”. If you can appreciate classical music with a modern twist then these two ladies are the ticket to that experience. Below is the website for more information on this historical event.