Iggy Azalea will tour “overseas” and write a new album next year.

The ‘Black Widow’ hitmaker has announced that she’ll be hitting the road in a few months’ time to play some gigs in North America but her fans elsewhere don’t need to worry about missing out as she’s planning to travel across the pond at some point in 2019 and will be penning songs for a new LP on her tour bus.

Taking to her Twitter account, she wrote: “Im touring North America in Nov. woo.

time to make merch. save your coins. Right. hahahaha, real fans know i havent made merch in literally YEARS. LOL. (sic)”

The 28-year-old rapper then teased that her support act is really exciting and she thinks her fans are “really going to like” who she’s chosen to join her on the road.

She said: “i think youre reallllly gonna like who im bringing on the road with me.

“I plan on touring overseas but not in 2018… I have to make my album.

Dont worry though, i will take a studio bus so i can work. (sic)”

And to ensure her tour is the best yet, she’s asked fans to help with her setlist.

She added: “are there any songs i dont usually perform that you would like me to add to my setlist? (sic)”

Meanwhile, Iggy recently admitted that she wasn’t “ready” for fame when she shot into the limelight but feels she’s matured and adjusted over the years.

She said: “I think when you have mainstream success and you rocket launch into the spotlight, you aren’t really prepared for a lot of the things that come with that.

“You can find yourself really putting your foot in your mouth a lot. When you combine that with the fact that you’re 23, 24 years old … I’m only 28 now, but there’s a big difference between that and 23. A lot of things change in your late 20s. You’re maturing and growing up and becoming an adult.

“And I’m not new to the industry anymore. I’m thinking a lot more heavily about what I say, what the repercussions of that may be, and being more responsible.”