There have been many child prodigies that have made it big in the entertainment business. The likes of Michael Jackson, Heather Michele O’Rourke, Qulyndreia (Jackson) Wallis and more have made it to the stage and beyond. Now in 2018 times have changed and almost anyone can “try” to be a star. But there are a few who actually are born with talent in their veins. Serenity Royals happens to have that talent gene flowing through her and she’s bringing it alive and sharing it with the world!

We caught up with the active child actress/singer/ dancer and comedian in Chelsea Manhattan for a quick interview. She comes from a talent pool that stems from her Grandfather to her mother. Her grandfather was one of the characters in the famous movie “Star Wars Return of The Jedi” as one of the Ewok. Yonette, her mother, has been involved in modeling, dancing, acting and singing since she was young and seemed to pass on those traits to her daughter.

Serenity enjoys dancing the most but also enjoys acting and singing. At only 6 years old she has managed to shine anywhere she goes. One of her goals is to bring more awareness to the issue of bullying. She has partnered up with some less fortunate kids to help get the message out. She is big on helping the less fortunate and it shows.

One of the highlights of her mission to be a performer was befriending the late Joe Franklin. Serenity was only two-years-old when she made his acquaintance and it was magical. Yonette, her mother was one of Joe’s acquaintances before she gave birth to Serenity. Joe always told Serenity that she had that special something and that she will be famous one day. They met Joe through Cliff Adams who has been working with Serenity since birth. He started her out on print work at the age of 3 months.

“Serenity started singing to me, at just a few months. I even have it recorded.
I have been a member of my church “The little Church around the corner” for seventeen years now. Serenity became a cherub at the age of two years old sitting in, not really singing. But at two and a half, she then started to open up a bit more to sing. She would perform at least five times per year singing at church, before summer break.“

Cliff was the associate producer of the Joe Franklin Show and was in charge of all the fashion presentations. His credits include being on many of Joe’s projects like; A True Story, True Confessions, True Love, Secret Magazine, Teen Beat Magazine and Ideal Publishing. He also produced four albums for Joe on the Sony Legacy label.

Yonette was introduced to Cliff Adams through Dorothy Palmer, who was a talent and literary agent for over 40 years. She passed on due to cancer. Her support and admiration for Serenity was evident every time they were together.

At the present time, Serenity has been busy in production with her own TV show called “The Serenity Royals TvShow” due out soon. The show will focus on issues that affect us every day like abuse, bullying, and homelessness. These issues she faces are a part of a dream that she tries to escape from an interesting concept that anyone can relate to. The show will air on public access television until it can be picked up by mainstream television.

She took private ballet lessons at the tender age of three and has graduated to master hip-hop dance. As far as performances go she had a role in the Christmas show the “Nutcracker” at a dance school and Spring fling dances at her school. She has already posted over twenty videos displaying her talents. Only recently she had her first opening act for Rainbow Fashion week, as a fairy princess.

Serenity has a knack for bringing a smile to people’s faces with her big outgoing personality. Besides the dancing comedy and acting, she is working on recording her first song in a music studio. At six years old she has a lot on her plate but that doesn’t seem to bother her as she is looking to reach the stars one day soon. To keep track of this due to be star find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at