Adesina is a visual artist based in New York City whose work utilizes a variety of cultures to create narratives that are both personal and relate-able. Pushing beyond the margins of artistic genres, Adesina’s work merges photography, drawing, sculpture and more. Much of her early work is an open-ended combination of drawings that express social commentary, cultural awareness, and artistic expression.

After beginning her “I Have a Dream 2013” piece, the project evolved into a vertical initative that included a self-produced community driven video documentary and celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the drawing’s debut with a campaign that includes the proceeds donated to American Civil Liberties Union during the entire month of February in support of Black History Month.

Adesina took time from her busy schedule to discuss how growing up in New York City has an influence in her art, following her path as an artist (that included being accepted into the “FAME” school in NYC, as well as receiving an academic scholarship to Pratt Institute), and the 5 year anniversary of the “I Have a Dream 2013” painting and its campaign.

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