Packing Light for the Gym is the new Must-Do

They say knowing is half the battle. It only makes sense that being prepared is the other half. When you get to the gym or exercise class, you want to have everything you need so that you can get the most out of your workout.

That’s why it’s important to pack your gym bag the night before. Here are some essentials you should never leave behind. For starters, an exercise towel will come in handy when you’re dripping in sweat – not just for cleaning up yourself but your equipment as well. It’s good gym etiquette to wipe down the machines after you’ve used them. You’ll also need the towel when you’re working out on exercise mats. Place it underneath your head or your hands whatever your preference may be. The next thing that is essential to your workout is water.

Invest in a plastic container or thermos that you can reuse. You’ll save on bottled water, and it’s a great way to go green. Have enough water to get you through your workout. Of course, you should also pack your iPod or MP3 player for your workout. The music will get you going and keep you on track while you’re moving.

If you use your own mat for yoga or Pilates classes, pack that as well. The same goes for swim goggles, weight-lifting gloves or any other equipment specific to your workout. One of the most important items to bring along is a padlock. While you’re working out, you’ll want to keep your valuables locked up. Most gyms will not be held responsible for any items stolen, especially if they weren’t placed in a locker with a padlock.