Tis’ the season for holiday-inspired lattes, cozy nights and Cuffing Season; the time of year that can make anyone long for a significant other. As the leaves turn shades of amber and the temperature continues to drop, there is nothing like having a “Bae” to keep you warm through the fall/winter months. “Cuffing Season” is most commonly described as the months in which people whom rather be single, prefer to be in a relationship. While the cold weather makes leaving the house a hassle, inevitably singles are forced to partake in indoor activities—creating the desire for a significant other. Although Cuffing Season can be enjoyable for most, there are rules to surviving these short-lived months. Here are a few ways to get through the dating season in a millennial era.

      Find someone who you are compatible with. If conversations are surfaced and interactions are based on sexual attraction, there is a high probability that this relationship will dwindle once Cuffing Season comes to an end. For those who desire to have a relationship that lasts longer than the duration of cuffing season, take your time in getting to know someone. If Bae isn’t making an effort more than a text conversation when you all are not together, the relationship is just meant for the winter.

      Don’t get too attached. It’s best to know what you’re getting into. Rap connoisseur Fabolous said it best “Told those girls I’ll be back around June. Better yet I’ll change my number for the whole winter”. Cuffing Season is for platonic friends to test the waters outside of the friend-zone, but will quickly end with the first sign of spring.

      Stay away from Social Media. Although it may be a short-term relationship, enjoy it while it lasts. In cases where the situation-ship extends past the season, keep your followers in the dark about who you have been spending your time with. With the advent of social media, it has made it harder for relationships to flourish. Most interactions “go down in the DM” or are torn apart due to unwarranted commentary. Hosts of ‘The Date Sheet’ revealed in an interview with Suite 929 that social media has lowered the standards of dating scene, making it difficult for relationships to be taken seriously.

      Don’t confuse good sex with long-term relationship. The sex may be indescribable and cuddling session may be pleasurable, but it is imperative to separate sex from a temporary fantasy. As mentioned previously, Cuffing Season is for momentary satisfaction and sex is the epitome of short-lived gratification. Stray away from the three-word, eight-letter phrase. Euphoric pleasure can make anyone become vulnerable, whereas cuffing season is NOT for the vulnerable.