by Nick Christophers

Bianca, better known as “Miss Candyholic” has developed a brand that is slowly growing. As a young girl she created animal hats and jewelry that she sold online. That idea soon began to blossom into a business plan. Her inspiration stemmed from reading FRUiTS magazine and Gothic Lolita Bible, two very popular J-fashion publications.

Since then she began to design more artistic pieces that would appeal to ladies that follow J-fashion. Bianca, then decided to create the brand “Miss Candyholic” which basically stands for her love of sweets and motif clothing. The handle actually was her online username growing up.
The most popular products she sells are dresses, bear ears and resin jewelry. Their colorful styles and designs are a rare find from your conservative types –

This year Bianca also launched “The Kawaii Society” which means cute or adorable in Japanese. The organization’s goal is to celebrate kawaii culture through social media and various monthly events. According to Bianca it is an aesthetic, a culture and a way of life. The events that she runs typically last four to six hours long, within those hours they showcase live performances, vendors, special guests and more!

“We serve as a place where like-minded individuals can come together, make new friends, and create amazing memories.”

Only recently did Bianca have a showcase at the Fort Hamilton Comic Con and was a vendor at the Fort Tryon’s Medieval Festival, both were a success. She has been to many of these types of conventions. Last year she attended Ruffle Con which for her was a larger version of Kawaii Society. It brought together individuals dressed in beautiful J-fashion pieces which made her feel at home. She is planning to attend the next Ruffle Con as a vendor and will be showcasing in their fashion show.

Bianca is a go-getter and will keep building her brand for J-fashion fans here in the States. For 2018 she is working to have Miss Candyholic pieces in stores in the New York metropolitan area and plans to travel to more conventions out of state. Her goal is expose her work to others who enjoy this type fashion and create healthy business contacts nationally if not internationally.