When I became a single mom I searched for an online community to welcome me. I wanted a place outside of my immediate circle that I could go to for comfort and support. I wanted a place that made me feel a bit less lonely in my choices. I couldn’t find it. Most of the single mom forums I found were draped in anger and bitterness. They were filled with stories of love gone wrong. Many of the groups I found were full of sorrow. They were stories of deadbeats, broken promises and exhaustion. I couldn’t relate. I wanted to find a place that was full of joy in motherhood. A place of solace. A place where women were not concerned with what someone didn’t do but celebrated victories over what was being done. My story isn’t that of other moms. I didn’t have my fairytale ripped away so maybe that makes it easier for me not to be as bitter.

If bitterness is where a mom is that is her journey and her prerogative but it ain’t mine and it ain’t that of many other single moms I’ve met along the way.

#SingleMomsSpeaks isn’t just my voice. It isn’t just my story. Every voice echoed through this site will be an individual voice. We do not speak for all single mothers. We speak for ourselves. I want all mothers to find a safe space when they enter my site. A respite if you will. A judgement free zone where we can laugh, cry, vent and brag. A place to come for support. #SingleMomsSpeaks is a reminder that no two stories are the same but together they form a collective to inspire. Motherhood isn’t east but it will always be worth it.

In addition to launching #SingleMomsSpeak Melissa Velazquez is an author and writer. Learn more about Melissa and how she navigates life as a single mom in NYC at www.justabxmom.com.