by Nick Christophers

From China to Europe the Pop artist BING has begun to plant flags on her way to stardom. Her signature mask has captured the interest of many. This was evident when she managed to reach over 110,000,000 views after her appearance on China TV. This is a grand feat coming from an up and coming singer.

Her love of music was clear to her at the tender age of thirteen after coming in first place at a competition. Here is when she realized that her destiny was to be on a stage or in front of a camera performing for millions. BING would go on to perform all over China and garner more and more fans. She puts her 100 % in every show and her wardrobe alone is fashionably attractive aside from her voice that many say is akin to Mariah Carey’s.

BING owes her inspiration to pop diva Beyoncé. She feels connected to her since Beyoncé herself struggled with depression as did BING. Also, BING like Beyoncé expresses her music in an energetic way yet manages her emotions through that channel.

Her popularity grew in Asia and eventually caught the ear of the Fashion industry in London. They would invite her to perform at the 2016 London Fashion Week. She made history as being the first Chinese artist to perform there. To add to that milestone, she was chosen for Remarkable Singer Award at the Global Chinese Music awards and Annual Pioneer singer award at the Music Pioneer Billboard.

“Everything I managed to accomplish is due to my hard work and desire to be the best I can be.”

Currently, BING is working on her debut album and hopes to share it with the world very soon. She is one of many Asian artists blowing up the music scene. BING is also looking to invade the States and bring her explosive show to Pop fans everywhere. Behind the mask is a talent yearning to break out for the world to see.