There is nothing stale about The Date Sheet, a new digital “cocktails and chat” themed talk show revolving around dating life. Topics vary from dating woes to self-standards to a segment labeled “QTNA” (Questions That Need Answers). With four women of color (Mogul/Stylist Davita Galloway, Talent Manager Jessica Macks, Journalist/Entertainment Writer Shameika Rhymes, and Public Relations/Event Coordinator Andria Smith) serving as hosts, it’s a rare talk show with solely minority women on the air in both Broadcast and Digital Television. Premiering in fall 2017, it is guaranteed to earn its spot as a haven for hot takes on relationships, red flags, and coming to grips with guilty pleasures that result in less than amicable break-ups.

So it makes sense then, that when we had all four of the show’s hosts available to speak, we talked about a little bit of everything.

The Lifestyle Republic: Do you think the social media era (particularly instant messenger, DM, etc.) has factored into the dating scene’s problems and “underwhelming” expectations?

Shameika: YESSSSS.. I’m immediately turned off by the inability to string a sentence together and spell things correctly. If you are going to slide in the DM’s and flirt, USE SPELL CHECK. The way my nerves are set up I’m probably going to respond with a lesson on writing. I also think the heavy use of social media keeps these mofos stuck on texting, messaging, or DM’ing because they don’t know how to interact on a phone convo or in person.

Davita: If another dude decides to land in my DM’s with the infamous ‘send me a nude’ message, I’m going to blast him for all the world to see. LOL. Yes, some women will find this flattering but, bruh, I don’t know you ma’an! And, even if I did, if we aren’t dating or the like, then you can’t expect me to oblige.

Andria: The SM era has men using text as their only form of communication which pisses me off because THEY CAN’T SPELL!!! How am I supposed to communicate with someone that texts things like “Naw i was jus sayin ion wan U 2 think I’m on no bs or nothin”. Call me old fashion, but I think the proper use of grammar and punctuation is sexy.

Shameika: For example– a mofo can woo you with his words in your DM’s.. but when you meet or talk on the phone..they are boring as hell, can’t put 3 words together, and they are just flat out awkward. ugh. Now I’m annoyed.

Davita: More, why is it okay for randoms to feel like they can ‘video message’ me? Sir, who are you? Yeh, I just can’t and won’t! I’m a classy broad…LOL.

The Lifestyle Republic: What’s the main thing that women should always spot on a date that is a red flag?

Shameika: If he can’t make eye contact–what is he hiding? I don’t trust folks with wanky eyeballs looking everywhere but at me…especially when they are talking to me. First impressions are everything..make eye contact!

Andria: In my opinion how the man treats you. His tone, how he speaks to you. How does he treat you. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Jessica: If he isn’t chivalrous or look at their phone too much.

Davita: Uhhhhh a ring! However, in addition to that, women should pay attention to a few things: what he says and does and gauge whether he’s a listener or not. Does he open the door or not? Does he have meaningful snippets of info to add to the conversation? Is he attentive? A lot can be provided on the first date if we pay attention to the ‘clues.’ Grant it, there are a few things that we are willing to ‘work with’ and ‘coax’ along the way but that’s different for each female. Being ‘alert’ to the ‘clues’ evident on the first date, you’ll be able to decide whether to do DATE TWO or nah…

From L-R: Davita Galloway, Jessica Macks, Shameika Rhymes, & Andria Smith

The Lifestyle Republic: What’s the one thing that doesn’t change with dating someone off and on over a long period?

Andria: For me it’s that one thing that you couldn’t deal with in the first place so you bowed out gracefully only to return to that person in hopes that that one thing has changed, but it hasn’t…

Davita: It’s kind of sad to say but this–dating someone on and off–happens as a result of seeing their potential and, genuinely, wanting them to do better. However, this so-called potential doesn’t always become reality. So, yes, I would say that’s the thing that doesn’t change and, ultimately, it’s up to us to do that–change the player, tap in someone else…LOL.

Shameika: That often the thing you walked away from and keep coming back to ain’t gonna change. Why keep staying in a holding pattern with the same person when you could be out here flourishing meeting new folks, dating, and being great. LET THEM GO.

Jessica: Habits, ways and character.

The Lifestyle Republic: What do you hope that men and/or women will learn or discover from watching “The Date Sheet?”

Jessica: To know their worth and never settle.

Davita: Honestly, I’m hopeful that they’ll experience meaningful conversations surrounding a topic that’s challenging; challenging, in that it’s so many factors that play role in dating these days. Why? Why? Why does it have to be so difficult?

Shameika: I hope folks see that one–they aren’t alone trying to navigate these foolish dating waters.. but also take away lessons that they can apply to their own situations..and trust if they post their ignate ish online..we will talk about em.

Andria: I hope they will discover that this show is dope idea and put it in rotation on Revolt or Tidal…

The Lifestyle Republic: How important is it to learn and grow stronger from dating mistakes? Can you learn from the mistakes that you’ve seen men make?

Davita: SUPER IMPORTANT!!! How does it go? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you. Fool me three time, f*ck the peace sign… (yeh, that’s definitely J Cole).

Shameika: You HAVE to learn from your mistakes or you will keep making the same ones and your friends will keep judging and side eyeing you, cursing you out, and then eventually stop listening to you when you complain..wait.. sorry I drifted off into a flashback..

Andria: It is extremely important to learn from your dating mistakes or else you just end up in a never ending cycle of the same bulls#*t and you can’t really complain because you had a hand in creating the cycle.

Davita: The thing is, if you don’t learn from past mistakes, more than likely you will continue to play yourself, put up with crap you know you don’t like, keep dating the same kind of guy and who has time for that? As with all things, bigger and better, sis! In every situation, in every person there is opportunity to learn with the goal being: knowing better leads to doing better.

Shameika: If you take that lesson and apply it correctly.. don’t just take that lesson and use it the wrong way and it will backfire every. single. time.

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