It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating around, or married - there are certain things you should know how to do as an adult.

Some would argue that once you hit your 30s that’s when true adulthood begins. If you’re fast approaching 30, please check out these life skills you should have because this is a great time to prepare.

Saying NO.

You can’t please everyone all the time. Saying “no” to your friends, boss, and even to yourself is really important. As simple as it may sound, this life skill can actually be a difficult one to learn.

Budget Your Money…Months Ahead

It’s not a fun thing to do, but you can avoid going into major debt by creating a budgeting worksheet. Record your income, fixed monthly expenses (bills, rent/mortgages, loans, etc.), variable expenses (groceries, brunch dates, nights out), and balance them out. Review your budget on a regular basis.

Appreciating Alone Time

It’s important to know how to be at peace with yourself. Don’t be afraid of eating alone, going to brunch by yourself, or showing up at a party without a date. You’ll gain a new sense of confidence by doing this.

Open a Bottle of Wine/Champagne

Know how to use a corkscrew without breaking the cork or your wrist. If you’re without a corkscrew, having a few different ways to open wine in your mental Rolodex also can’t hurt. And don’t be scared of the popping cork — it’s a celebrated noise from all around the social universe.

Wash Dishes by Hand

Whether it’s better to wash dishes by hand or machine is up for debate, but some delicate dishes are certainly better done by hand. Plus, you never know where you may move. You may be without a dishwasher! (Especially true for NYC’ers) When washing dishes by hand, just be sure to keep your sponge clean.

Understanding How to Make Good Use of Small Talk

You’re going to wind up at engagements where you may not know a soul in the room. So know how to make friends (at least for the evening) with small talk skills. Have topics in mind, listen, and be sure to ask plenty of questions. Another part of small talk is knowing when to bow out of a conversation, so be sure to brush up on your social graces as well.