Talented Young Lady Breaking All Kinds of Boundaries

by Nick Christophers

From a child Sybelle Silverphoenix was a rebel not giving in to what other people thought she should be. With this attitude and her God given talent she propelled herself into not only a stunning lady but a skilled actress. She has always been one to reach for the stars in a literal way as a matter of fact.

Her first love was actually singing but acting has become more prevalent in her career. At first she sang in a band called Kings Valentine that was making strides but would reach demise due to varied decisions of how to move forward. Before launching into acting Sybelle also offered her beauty to various Pageant’s in the New York area. She won 2nd Place in the Gothic Beauty Pageant and in another she won Miss Popularity. But the one she felt most proud of was the Miss Diaspora Models International Beauty Pageant where she did not win anything.

“Miss Diaspora Models International Beauty Pageant was by far the most memorable and also the one that got the most publicity. That was a bonding experience with those girls and the organizers. Everyone was absolutely wonderful and we had to rehearse for months prior to the show, so we got to know each other pretty well. It was very supportive.”

At this point on her journey in the entertainment industry she began landing roles on TV and film. She began taking on extra work for a full year. It began to pay off with small parts on shows like Law & Order, 30 Rock and a character part on the show The Whitest Kids U’Know. In 30 Rock she even had a scene with Tracy Morgan who actually graduated from the same High School as Sybelle.

Her acting resume began to grow and new doors would open. Since being in the acting game since 2002 she landed a role in a project called “When Dragons Awake” where she felt at home based on her love for Sci-Fi / Fantasy films. The project which stars Vincent Lyn (Operation Condor) who is known for that genre has already won an award at the Urban Action Showcase. The film is still in the works which an offshoot series is being considered.

Besides all the acting, singing and modeling Sybelle also entered a contest to take part in the Mars One Mission. This mission was based on hand picking a crew to take part in a project to move themselves and live there life on the planet Mars. It is an attempt to test the possibilities of humans living on another planet. Sybelle jumped on the idea since her love for Sci-Fi was a big motivation. At sixteen years old she even attended a Space Camp. She made it to the last 650 finalists out of 200 thousands who applied but did not make the final cut. It was a disappointment but the experience competing for a spot was memorable.

When she came back to earth she took on another role in a web series that is due out soon. The web series is entitled “Brooklyn Ties” which is a mob story. She plays Valentina the girlfriend of the mob boss. The series is due out in the Spring of 2017.

“Filming Brooklyn Ties has been an absolute pleasure. The cast is fantastic, they are wonderful supportive people and director Sean King has impressed me with his patience and ability to draw out a good performance even from the most inexperienced of us. I look forward to continuing production on the series with them.”

On the horizon for Sybelle is another film with actors like Lilo Brancato (Bronx Tale) and Eric Roberts (Pope of Greenwich Village) called “Monsters of Mulberry Street”. In addition she returns to familiar ground in a Sci-Fi on a series called “Night Room” by director Erik Spencer which would appeal to fans of the “Twilight Zone”. Sybelle is an interesting individual whose drive and intellect is due to make more waves as she drives into new frontiers.,,literally.