Eclectic Record Label in DC Offering a Fusion of Artists and Sound

When Brad Atefi decided to give birth to the label OMUMO he had a specific mission in mind to make it a unique collaboration. The label which came to fruition in 2015 had actually already recoded music back in 2011. He has been around the music scene for a while as he not only performed with various bands but also managed a few in his home in Charlottesville. Brad would soon move to DC after a respite and after putting a studio together he would focus on the OMUMO project.

What makes this label so unique is that each project has similar artists on each release. It is an idea of making the label with each imprint a collective effort. Each single features a fusion of different genres while maintaining a specific sound. Brad himself is a multi-instrumentalist and a producer. The label features such genres like folk, rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

“This was totally the plan from the get go and nothing that we tried to shy away from. The musicians I work with all have different passions and interests and we try to capture the essence of different collaborations while remaining a tight-knit group.”

Currently, there are seven different artists on the label each with a unique sound (Vin Mariani, Ocean Black, Mamas Boiz, Oxindol, Persian Idol, Spring Hill Carryout and Ocean Man). Even though most of these artists’ have performed at various venues the label is primarily a studio project. One would soon discover by listening in on their music that the lyrics all convey either a spiritual or social message. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Daft Punk, Pavement, Spiritualized and Ween.

This past September they released an EP the OMUMO Sampler with a collection of tracks from each artist. The EP is like a journey from cool lyrical compositions to a wild trip into electronic beats. Brad is not only a musician on the EP but also the producer. He has taken all of his musical visions into a universe of spatial possibilities. At this point each of the artists’ is looking to release new music in 2017. For any one searching for a great variety of music that doesn’t sound like everything else this label has it. To learn more and check out their music go to