Young Artist Growing with Each New Release

In the current state of music there seems to be an underground emergence of a raw sound opposed to the dependency of utilizing technology. Bands like American Nomads, Alex Mery Band and others are sticking to their talent rather than using computers or external beats to create their magic. The same can be said for solo artist TJ Doyle who embraces the facets of life and nature and fuses them into his music.

From his debut “One True Thing” to his new single “Unconditional” he has always used the human condition and nature as the core of his work. That being the case it is no surprise since his mother loved music and passed it on to TJ. She used to sing and play the piano. If one was to pass by their home they would hear the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke or the Beatles. These are the artists TJ grew up with and who inspired him to follow the music brick road.

His music as he explains is more guitar-centric which is not common in today’s music. TJ’s strong point is his lyrical talents. Tracks like “Rosemary’s Wishes” and “Earth Is Crying” contain the typical sensitive and energetic sound that TJ always tends to bring. When he begins to work on his music he draws from the energy that nature offers and weaves it into his musical message.

“I’m certain there is a message behind all of the songs I write. I first have an idea that is compelling to me, and then it hangs around until I can sit down and let the song develop. By the time I sit with the guitar or piano, I usually have a verse and chorus written in one sitting. “Rosemary’s Wishes” is a tribute to my birth mother who had 3 babies she had to give up at birth. “Favorite Places” was a follow up to “Earth Is Crying” from my first album. “Favorite Places” is where we experience our personal relationship with nature. With climate change, we are in danger of losing our “Favorite Places” and this is the idea behind the song.”

This was evident from his debut album “One True Thing” in 2009 and his second album “On The Horizon” (2015) how both relayed a positive outlook and a need to be in touch with your natural surroundings. His music has been tagged as classic rock/Americana but it depends on the listener. TJ centers his sound on the guitar and the piano and even more so his lyrics. Even though his music has been connected to the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s he feels that in today’s digital world he hopes some will find solace in his music and realize how much they can do for the world.

TJ has worked with some talented artists and producers like Tom Weir who is a Grammy Award winning engineer. Tom worked on TJ’s second album “One True Thing” which was produced at Studio City Sound. Along with the skilled Tom Weir, TJ had Grammy nominated Bill Smith mix the album and who is currently producing his third project. They have recorded basic tracks for the first three songs so far at LAFX Recording in LA.

Currently, his new release “Unconditional” is creating a buzz among music lovers. He is planning to put a new band together as well after completing the third installment. TJ Doyle’s message is a very clear one.

“It’s great that the song is resonating with people that hear it. I’m hearing people describe the song with a lot of superlative feeling. But I’m hopeful to reach as many people as possible with the notion that “Love Is Power”. Imagine really letting “Unconditional” love be the lens we see the world through and all of our relationships. Then imagine that Love is the only true power but when Love Is Power, it can do no harm and it never leaves us depleted when we make it our credo.”