by Nick Christophers

Deep in the dark underbelly of the NYC music circuit comes a sound that is beginning to grow among new bands. One such band is Jane In Space. This particular band features three performers with different tastes that fuse them together to create a unique sound. They recently took the stage at Leftfield NYC in the Village and shook up the place. Tom Vickers, Jesse Jensen and Josh Stillman all live in Brooklyn, New York but Tom the lead singer is a native of England. Raised in Oxford he grew up on Brit-pop and brought that influence into the band.

“Jesse came up with the name while he was sketching out tracks he called them “Jane 1”, “Jane 2” and so on. From there we adopted the name Jane and I thought to add to it “In Space” and it stuck. That is how we came up with the name.”

Jesse Jensen, is an industrial head who is a big fan of Nine Inch Nails. The band has been compared to Nine Inch Nails and Tom’s favorite Deepche Mode, which is no surprise. Their new CD release which is self-titled ebbs with feeling and layers of life experiences intertwined with their sometimes funky sound (thanks to Josh’s bass). The CD release comes on the heels of their new video for the track “Feel It Alive”. Tom gave us some insight into the single and the video.

There new track and video paints a picture of loss and feelings of loneliness based on failed relationships. It is also a song about surviving the worst and learning from it. Tom is a pure lyric master that tries to fuse his lyrics into the creative sounds that Jesse and Josh come up with. Jesse and Tom share many similar influences that seem to mesh along with the funky input
from Josh.

At Leftfield NYC the band gave the sold out crowd an electrifiable show. The dense crowd was already pumped up by the two previous performances. When “Jane In Space” came on it just added to the sound level in the underground club. When they broke into “Feel It Alive” the crowd reacted to it in a positive way swaying to the beat. The small area seemed bigger as the crowd grew as you can hear humming and strumming of fingers on the bar to the music.

Jesse and Josh actually were playing with two other bands before joining Tom on stage. That alone shows the extensive talent they all have by playing in more than one band. At this point the band would love to go on tour but their main goal is to expose their music worldwide.

“At this point the way the internet works anyone can hear our music. If someone hears it in Egypt or Europe that’s a great thing for us, so exposing it internationally is more important. Going on tour would be great but we are not at that stage yet.”

Jane In Space came to fruition after all three members were playing for other bands. Jesse and Tom were in a singer/songwriter band four years ago which disbanded. They would form a trio with Tom’s friend Andrew called “Jane Haniber” were they released one CD entitled “No Rainfall”. Eventually, Jane In Space began as a side project that developed into something bigger with the addition of Josh. Essentially the band has been together now for two years.
So far for Tom and the band Leftfield NYC and The Rock Shop have been their favorite venues to perform at.

To keep up with Jane In Space and their unique fusion of electronica, industrial and funk go to their website: