Avicii Performs Likely Last Show Ever

It was the end of an era on Sunday for many who were introduced to electronic music between 2009-2011. Avicii, the man with mastery for creating catchy melodies and fusing together two seemingly antithetical genres, electronic music and country, called his live career quits on Sunday. He played his last gig ever (maybe), as the final show of the summer and presumably ever, for his residency at Ushuaia Hotel in Ibiza.

The Mambo Brothers, the owners of the famous Mambo Ibiza club on the White Isle, Albin Myers, Seeb and KSMHR, joined the “Pure Grinding” producer on his last gig.

He brought along a lot of his team for the last show and seemed to have a good time. Over the weekend he also played in Belfast and at Creamfields in England.

Though Avicii has retired from DJing, that does not mean his name will disappear forever from the world of music. In the world of electronic music, the best way to promote yourself and make a living is by going out and playing gigs. However he has already made a large pile of money and was never really comfortable with playing shows, as evident by his bouts of substance abuse to try and battle anxiety.

There will be plenty more music from him in the coming years and now he won’t have to worry about catching a flight to some club or festival in between productive studio sessions. And if he ever gets the itch to go back out on stage again, fans and promoters will surely welcome him back with open arms.