Great Things About Being Single

As a society, it seems sometimes we are inclined to pity those who aren’t part of a committed couple. But feeling sorry for a single person just doesn’t make sense anymore. After all, there are plenty of advantages to being alone, and it’s no longer a financial necessity for women to get married. In fact, depending on your career, marriage may not even be practical. Women with heavy travel schedules or those who want the freedom to pursue their careers and/or education, wherever it may take them, can do so without having to weigh the needs of a partner. For ambitious singletons, this adds up to disposable income, which is always nice, and no one to answer to about budgeting, overspending and the like.

There are no “third parties,” such as a partner’s ex-wives, children or other family members to deal with when one is single. In fact, singletons can choose their “extended family” from their circle of friends. Studies show that single people these days have plenty of friends, social outlets and extracurricular activities, so gone is the stereotype of the lonely spinster sitting at home with a dozen cats. There are a lot of fringe benefits to being alone – those little indulgences like choosing the DVD you want to watch, getting the takeout you prefer and not having to worry about what you look or smell like when you wake up. The truth is, being happy in your singlehood will make it a happy time. Being unmarried is just as valuable a choice as being married, and being comfortable with your status is key to breaking the stereotype that being single means being unhappy.