#NODAYSOFF: Jay Anderson

There are statement decisions, and then there are declarations. Jay Anderson’s daring move cross country was the latter. The Texas native could have just celebrated off of the strength of scoring a modeling contract after her move to the Big Apple, but she didn’t stop there. With a recent move into sports reporting, the long-legged multi-hyphenate is ready for any career challenge.

Work/life balance strategy:
The current strategy is staying committed to a schedule that keeps me sane. I get up at 6 a.m. and strictly in bed by 11 p.m. for the most part. And I try to keep my life in line via my Google calendar and I’ve learned to say “No”, when I feel overwhelmed.

Reset and Recharge:
I workout about 6 times per week, it keeps me sane, releases my stress, and gets me ready for a great nights sleep.

Finding your passion:
At my age, I’m still learning who I am professionally and refining my purpose in life. My faith plays a huge part in it along with making sure that everything I do leads me to success. My goal is to not only continue my career in fashion but build my career in sports and journalism.

Taking a chance:
I’m too crazy not to take risks, I moved to NYC with 2 duffle bags and $50. I knew I had a dream in my heart and knew that I couldn’t give up on my dreams. It’s not easy but I refuse to give up!

What you tell yourself after a tough day:
I’ve failed many times in the eyes of others, but every set back I’ve encountered has only opened doors for something greater. I remind myself of those hard times when I lived in an abandoned apartment or lived on coffee and a donut, those are the things that keep me humble and also push me to work smarter.