A New York summer can be hot, but the sunshine and trees in full bloom make the aesthetic of the outdoors a much more lively, exciting and natural environment to train in compared to the confinement, crowdedness and (sometimes) funk of a gym.

You may have used a gym or tried a fitness routine in the past to maintain some level health & fitness, but grew bored or uninspired by the “same ‘ol.” That’s why I love to train clients outdoors. I can create and select moves that are fun and effective, all while using the park, track or an open field as our playground.

Battle ropes and kettlebells are just a few of the “toys” (technical term: exercise modalities) I’ve invested in to train clients without a reliance on a gym or facility. I introduce tools and moves that make training sessions unique to anything my clients have done in the past, while still addressing their weaknesses, imbalances and goals throughout the outdoor session.

By varying your routine with regards to exercises and environment, you may:

Avoid Injury
When you mix up your workouts, you avoid the same movements and using the same joints each time, which prevents injuries from overuse.

Increase Effectiveness
Your muscles get used to exercises that apply the same stress in the same way. When you mix things up, you shock your muscles and force them to respond and adjust more efficiently.

Get Your Groove Back
You’re likely to stop seeing or feeling progress when you do the “same ‘ol.” When you change up your routine and environment, you’re able to increase your enthusiasm, focus and level of effort.

– – – – –

You definitely do not need any equipment to train outdoors, but I personally love to incorporate my “toys” in order to provide variety and an increased resistance and intensity outside of the gym. If you’re ready for a summer mix-up to your fitness training routine, contact a fitness professional to get started. Or, try some of the moves below—with and without toys—for your next outdoor workout:

Traveling Push Ups. Make use of all the outdoor space and travel laterally with your push ups. Works chest & core. No toys required.
Training with Shavaun - Squat Pickup to Overhead Press
Squat Pickup to Overhead Press. Compound total body movement. Use a kettlebell, weighted rock in the park, or just your body weight. Add a ‘half burpee’ at the start for more of a challenge.
Training with Shavaun - Reverse Lunge Rotations
Reverse Lunge with Rotation Many fitness programs exclude rotational movement, so this move may be a great to mix-up your traditional lunge. Works legs and core. Use a resistance band around a pole in the park.