Bonding Activities for You and Your Bestie

When was the last time you took the time to hang out with your best girlfriend? If it’s been awhile, then maybe it’s time to reconnect. Of course you both have busy lives, but there are definitely great ways to enjoy spending time with each other outside of the usual girls’ nights – which are fun, too! If you have some vacation time built up, a trip together a la Thelma and Louise could be the ticket. Or if you two want to stay close to home, make it a pool or beach day trip, capped off by a cookout. Lots of daily activities that you have to do anyway are made lots more fun with your BFF. For example, workouts with your man might leave you feeling less-than-fit, but when you indulge in some healthy competition with someone of the same gender, it evens the playing field.

Plus, your BFF doesn’t care what you wear and if you look sweaty and gross during your workout. What about those embarrassing rom-coms and sad movies you don’t want to watch with your significant other, lest he see you cry or snort when you laugh? Hang out with your best friend for these viewings – if you’re old friends, then watch a flick you saw for the first time together again. It’s a great way to reconnect and relive some memories. Get into the kitchen with your buddies if you’re foodies. You’ll have the opportunity to catch up, exchange recipes, drink wine and get a good meal in the process