Experiences, Not Things

by Shavaun

Somewhere on the social sphere I came across a meme. I don’t recall what it looked like or how it was designed, but its message permeated my mind:

Buy experiences, not things.

The older I get, the more I crave those experiences. I desire memories so grand I won’t even need to “add it to the ‘Gram,” because the image will forever live in my mind and be crystal clear even 30 years from now as I share those memories with my grandkids. There’s a beauty, maturity and growth in embracing new places, people, and things. All add to your human experience.

So last week I celebrated a birthday and I treated myself to an experience in California with a friend. I had been to California only once, over a decade ago, after winning a high school design contest that earned me a trip to Los Angeles. I remember being so enamored with the state that I wanted go to college in Cali. While that California dream didn’t happen post-high school, I was eager to re-visit and experience a different part of the state with more outdoor adventures and activities. Hello, San Diego.

I ventured to the Zoo, hiked, trekked through a nearby town (La Jolla), ran over 4-miles along the coastline, survived stair sprints on the “grand staircase” at the Convention Center and spent a half-day lying on the grass outside of the Padres’ baseball stadium under the bright, but mild sun. There were some crazy, cool, calm and even stressful experiences (missed a flight for the first time, ever), but all added to my memory bank.

I couldn’t be more excited to consciously create more deposits into that bank, and to integrate exercise & fitness into every destination.