Naturally thin people eat anything they want, don’t have to work their butts off at the gym, and magically remain thin and toned!

What many don’t realize about naturally slender people is that it isn’t that easy. Good genes and an overactive metabolism only go so far towards keeping in shape. Attitude, diet and exercise play an important role in the physical health of the naturally thin, especially as time progresses and age causes things to slow down. There are several secrets that naturally thin people use to help stay thin and healthy.

Secret One: Naturally thin people cannot eat anything they want without consequence.

Most naturally thin people, especially when they are younger, must actually monitor diets to ensure intake of enough carbs and protein to even maintain weight. Some thin people have trouble eating enough to fuel their metabolism and maintain muscle mass and energy for daily activities.

Some people make poor diet choices, and eat too many starches and sugars, for the quick energy fix. This can lead to health problems such as diabetes and hypoglycemia. Eating a balanced diet is a must for everyone.

Secret Two: Naturally thin people generally maintain an active lifestyle.

The naturally thin may not “exercise” religiously, but neither do they sit on their couches eating Cheetos all day. Daily life revolves around an “on the go” agenda. That mother with four kids who still weighs less than 120 pounds might work all day, run up and down the stairs doing laundry and caring for her kids all evening — and still find the time to volunteer with Boy Scouts or other groups.

The man with the mysteriously good physique might not have a gym membership, but probably spends his days working, evenings doing various activities, and weekends water-skiing or playing golf. Without activity, the naturally thin may still remain thin, but will not remain toned!

Secret Three: Naturally thin people generally maintain a positive attitude.

Depression and anxiety can lead to weight gain and poor health choices. It is important to maintain a healthy attitude. Self-talk may seem corny, but a person must be able to be his or her own cheerleader. Naturally thin people don’t rely on food as comfort when faced with depression as often as those who have trouble keeping their weight in check.

Secret Four: Naturally thin people are often just as jealous of naturally curvy people as they are of the thin.

Slender people often have to make more time in their busy schedules to eat in order to maintain energy. Further, slender people put up with the same type of teasing as obese people. Feelings get hurt all the same. Slender people often wish they had voluptuous curves, or body-builder bulk. The key is for a person to accept their body type and work with that body type to maintain health.

It seems that with society’s focus on model-perfect figures, both slender and obese people have struggles to overcome. The key that people need to realize is that no one has it easy. Health is a destination, but there are a million paths to it.

Each person must find their own way. Though it may seem like the grass is always greener, if one looks close enough, it’s really the same shade. In a struggle to maintain healthy body weights, the focus should be on keeping a healthy attitude, level of activity, and balanced diet.