When the level of commitment that two mates have for one another doesn’t match up, it spells trouble for the relationship. Sharing your life and love with someone else has far greater rewards than drawbacks, yet there are still men and women who have trouble committing to one person. If you’re the one with commitment issues, then finding a way to overcome them is crucial to the survival of your relationship. First, take a look at some of the underlying motivations for not wanting to commit, whether that involves living together, getting married or simply just spending the night. Some people have the “perfect” mate in mind and have trouble getting involved with someone who doesn’t fit that unattainable mold they’ve carved out for this person – who doesn’t exist. The truth is, these commitment-phobes expect more of themselves, not their mates. It’s a matter of boosting self-esteem to be able to commit to another person in this case.

The same goes for partners who belittle their mates by making hurtful comments – it’s like the case of bullies who feel superior when they bully others. And those who fear betrayal can self-sabotage their own relationships as a means to nip cheating in the bud…because they assume it’s bound to happen at some point. Perhaps you’re just not ready for a commitment for no specific reason – that’s OK, too. Sorting through your own emotions – whether they entail anger, fear or depression – is crucial to overcoming commitment issues, and so is having a little faith in your partner. If there’s no good reason to mistrust him or her, then why not jump in with both feet and enjoy a committed relationship?