Last Friday, a few of the ladies of Just Us Girlfriends NY and myself went to see 50 Shades Of Grey on opening night. I knew that the film was going to be sold out so we bought our tickets a week in advance and I’m so glad that we did because there wasn’t a single free seat in the entire theater. Ok so on to the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who haven’t seen it yet, so ill just give ratings with a brief description on certain elements of this film. Please also keep in mind that I read all 3 books (ok 2 and a half…I need to go back and finish the third one but I lost interest).

Acting; 4/10. The acting at times seemed a little off. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t that great either.

Plot: 5/10. I thought that the movie stayed true to the book (one of the few movies that does). The thing is, I don’t think the plot in the book was all that great either.

Camera work/scenery/etc. 10/10 the scenery was magnificent. Christian’s apartment, the shot when they were in the plane, even Anastasia’s apartment looked just like I imagined it.
Romance: 2/10. I’ve seen the notebook… that’s romance. This film (and the book) is not a romantic one in my opinion. It’s about BDSM and sex. More soft-core-erotic-drama than love story.
Drama: 1/10. None existent…again, like the book. There wasn’t any major thrills.. no intense conflicts going on.

“The deeds” 10/10.. Let’s be honest, this was the whole reason why people read the book and came to see the film and yes, they delivered!

Overall I think that if you read the book and loved it, you will know what to expect from this movie. If you haven’t read it and or didn’t love it, you will think that this movie is boring. I thought the book was ok and so I thought the movie was just ok but I wasn’t expecting it to be anything more than what it was.