Americans are expected to devour 1.25 billion chicken wings this Super Bowl Sunday, according to the National Chicken Council. And I plan to do my small part and contribute to that wing total by eating one, maybe two of them. Okay, three.

While this sporting event calls for some pretty buttery, fatty, and fried dishes, there are a few healthy, delicious (and some even vegetarian) alternatives for snacking during the big game. So I reached out to my trusted source: registered dietitian, Marie Scioscia, M.S., R.D., CDN., and CPT, for suggestions on a few guilty-free snack alternatives that will be filling and delicious enough to prevent a chicken wing binge.

Instead of the high fat, high sodium fare, Scioscia recommends:

• Turkey chili served with homemade mini corn muffins;
• A plate of assorted vegetables served with hummus, salsas, and guacamole (healthy fats!) for dipping;
• A cheese and cracker plate with 1 inch cubes of cheddar, swiss, or gouda and whole grain crackers;
• A platter of cut up fruit (berries, tangerine slices, red and green grapes, sliced melon); or
• Lightly salted popcorn, hold the butter

There’s still time to make the smarter, healthier choice for tonight’s game!

In fact, Scioscia pointed to two particular recipes from that she finds very healthy:

AsianLettuceWraps Asian Lettuce Wraps

BakedKaleChips Baked Kale Chips

For beverage, a low-calorie, colorful option is Fruit Juice Spritzers—made with 1/2 cup all fruit juice with 1/2 cup flavored seltzers—and slice of lemon or lime.

Hope you all enjoy the big game, and happy snacking!

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