Pre-gaming—the ritual of drinking before an outing—was, and maybe still is, a normal part of our social routine.

Whether to feel a buzz before going out to a party or lounge, or to build the confidence to wind your waist on the dance floor (speak for myself, I know), that shot or drink you consume beforehand helps ensure that the night will be a good night.

If pre-gaming is the catalyst for a great night out, then imagine applying a similar concept to the nearing New Year, ensuring 2015 will be a great one.

Each year millions of us set New Year’s Resolutions, promising ourselves that we’ll do and be better. Our intentions for self-improvement are admirable, but our attempts to change overnight come January 1 is good reason why New Year’s Resolutions have a whopping 88% failure rate, according to research.

With just eight weeks left to the New Year, now is the time to pregame to be the better you—or as I like to call it, “pre-resolve.”

Enough of 2014 has passed for you to prepare your outlook for 2015. So will you aim to lose weight, volunteer more, or make more time for girlfriends—new and old?

No matter your goal, start small and start now. Resolving to do something different or better takes planning and possibly modifications to your lifestyle. To wait until the last week in December, or worse, your second glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve to decide what that is and how to achieve it isn’t ideal, and can be overwhelming. But eight weeks out (in other words, now) is the time.

For myself, one of my goals for 2015 is to decrease my body fat percentage. That goal will require clean eating and consistent, smart training. So far, I have added two sessions to my regular workout routine, and have prepared healthier breakfasts and snacks during my workweek. Is my diet 100% clean now? No. But have I taken small steps to get closer to my resolution? Yes.

My overall routine has improved since last month, and I’m excited for the final 8-week stretch. The small adjustments I’ve already made will make my goals at the start of 2015 not only easy to achieve, but to maintain.

As you close out the final weeks of 2014, envision and plan for your future success. Generate a non-alcoholic buzz for yourself from the excitement of achieving your goal in the New Year. Let your pre-resolution be the catalyst for a great 2015.

Share what small steps will you take today to prepare for 2015 below. What’s your New Year’s Pre-Resolution?