If your relationships resemble those you had in junior high or can’t seem to thrive without trials and tribulations, then you might be a drama queen. Blowout fights coupled with periods of being attached at the hip, followed by intense jealousy – any of that sound familiar in your day-to-day dealings with friends, family or partners? Take a moment to check in with yourself and see where all of the drama comes from. A hard truth to face is the common denominator in all of your relationships, and that’s YOU. So if you’re having a tough time across the board and feel as if everyone in your life is out to get you, calm down and examine what’s going on with yourself. Are you accustomed to chaos in your relationships? You may say you want things to be better and more normal, but when you’re not sure what a healthy relationship looks like in the first place, then it’s hard to have one.

Consider your past and whether or not you’re taking out frustrations stemming from previous relationships in your current one. Are you fearful of another mate cheating on you, for example? If so, then share that fear and try to give yourself over to trusting your current mate. There are a few questions you should ask yourself about the relationships that cause the most drama. Again, if you’ve been burned in the past, be sure you’re not ensuring that history repeats itself with the innocent people who love you and who can be trusted not to hurt you. Don’t worry about what can happen in your current relationships. You and the other person can’t flourish in your relationship if you’re constantly worried about what might happen. If you catch yourself getting hung up on scenarios that haven’t even happened yet, take a step back and analyze the situation and what caused the negative feelings. If there’s really no basis for them, then let them go. Remember that drama doesn’t make things any more interesting or exciting – it’s toxic.