Many people believe it’s a safe assumption that most women want to be in a committed relationship, but that’s just not the case for a lot of women. Sterotypically, the guy is the one who is afraid to be tied down, but it happens to women just as much. You may tell yourself you’re ready to be in an exclusive relationship, but when you’re with your guy, do actions speak louder than words? We’re talking about the subtle things you do that might indicate you’re not ready to jump into a relationship with both feet. First, if you feel indecisive, know that it’s totally normal and may not be an indicator that you’re afraid to commit – you may not “just know” when it’s right, so give yourself some time to figure things out in a new relationship. But a few habits may indicate that you have trouble committing.

Take a look at your standards – we’re not saying to lower them, but do you have too many unattainable requirements for a man? Perhaps it’s time to knock a few off the list or at least stop nitpicking about things you can’t change. Do you get bored quickly once you’re in a relationship or question why anyone would want to date long-term or get married? Perhaps your insecurity about the future is disguised as boredom. Accept that you just don’t know what will happen in the future, and if you expect the worst, then how can you make room for some of the best experiences? If you’re using the “too busy” excuse, stop. Many commitment-shy women throw themselves into their careers, volunteer work and their girlfriends. If you’re really interested in cultivating a potentially long-term relationship, you’ve got to find the time to do so.