Stepping Out with Brie Wright

The combination of charming exterior and exacting demands fits with Brie Wright’s reputation in the publication (magazine) industry. Rival editors praise her talent and honesty, with one describing her as “sharp and forthright in the flesh” adding that “her awareness of not only what is currently trending but what is also on the rise is lightning quick.”

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY before relocating to the Charlotte metropolitan area as a teenager, Brie has incorporated both cities into the fabric that is STYLE Media Group, consisting of three properties including The 25 Most Stylish events, STYLE Week events and fashion–based lifestyle publication Carolina STYLE Magazine. One measure of the conglomerate’s success is the rising amount of imitation events in the region, with a few even using similar names in an effort to sway readers.

We sat down with the busy boss to discuss her shopping habits, how social media has changed the way we view fashion and motherhood.

The Lifestyle Republic: With your busy schedule when you find time to shop? Do you shop online?
Brie Wright: I probably should shop online more but I actually like to go into the store and shop. It counts as my “me time” so it’s best to do that away from the home. I shop probably once every month. My daughter likes to shop more than I do so sometimes I bring her along for the experience.

What’s your approach to kids clothes? Is there anything in particular you love to dress them in?
I absolutely love to dress my kids in little people clothes – no cartoons. I think kids are adorable when they wear mini versions of adult clothes.

What are your favorite colors and fabrics to wear and why?
I’m a major fan of bright colors and fabric with a little give. I like my clothes to hug in the right places and hide the parts that need a little less attention.

What’s your favorite part about shopping for Spring and Summer?
My favorite part about shopping in the spring and summer is the availability for brighter colors!

Favorite place to get style inspiration?
I read magazines for style inspiration. I also like to check out what the celebrities are wearing on the red carpet to see what’s trending. When I pick a look I have to love it, trending or not.

What are your ABSOLUTE Beauty Essentials?
I must admit I became a fan of Tami Roman’s lip gloss when I sampled it after an interview. I wear Monique like every day. I always wear MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation and apply it with BH Cosmetics’ foundation brush. Since trying their brush I absolutely cannot live without it.

What’s your most comfortable outfit?
High waisted, skinny denim, a cap sleeved shirt and my favorite pair of heels. Its probably safe to say it’s my daily uniform, haha

Do you think social media has made experimenting with style and beauty looks more fun because there’s a platform for people to show it off?
Absolutely. Street style bloggers are great at showing ways to take items we find in the store and pair them with items we have at home to make a look our own. I don’t usually take photos of what I’m wearing and share it on social media, but I enjoying seeing all the other posts about the outfit of the day.