Want to know a great fitness secret that doesn’t have to cost a fortune and will hardly make you break a sweat? Choose flattering fitness wear that makes you feel good about the way you look! It seems so simple, but it’s true. If you look good and feel comfortable in your work-out clothes, you’re way more likely to put it on and head out to the gym, where you can work on your health and fitness goals.

The first thing-after comfort and practicality-to consider when choosing fitness wear, is how well the clothes fit. Too often, people take the easy way out and throw on a ratty old T-shirt and oversized sweatpants for their workouts. While this may get an “A” for comfort, it’s not exactly the kind of image that projects body confidence

When shopping for flattering fitness wear, accentuate your best assets. If you’ve got fabulous legs, don’t be afraid to wear short-shorts. If you’re happy with your chest, arms, shoulders, décolleté or arms, go for a tank top. Got a nice bum? Try those close-fitting yoga pants. By highlighting the areas you’re proud of, you’ll be reminded of just how great you look and why you’re so excited to hit the gym.

Of course, we’ve all got a body part or two that we aren’t quite as wild about, which is probably why you’re in the market for some great workout gear. Instead of fretting about your belly pooch or underarm jiggle, work on finding flattering work-out clothes that downplay these areas.

If you’re unhappy with your thighs, wear baggier shorts. If you feel self-conscious about your stomach, try a form fitting tank-top under your T-shirt. And never underestimate the power of a great sports bra.

When you wear clothes that work with your body instead of against it, you’re already well on your way to finding a more flattering look. Flaunt what you love and downplay what you’re working on!

When shopping for work-out clothes that flatter your body, use the same rules that you would for your everyday wear. Choose colors and patterns that are slimming and that work with your body, which will help you look more fashion-forward while you’re hitting the gym.

What Colors Are Best For Workout Clothes?

  • Black – Long known to be the most slimming of all colors, you really can’t go wrong by getting an all-black work-out ensemble. You’ll look stylish and slim, from head to toe.
  • Bright colors – Use bright colors judiciously as they will draw attention to whatever part of your body they’re on. If you’re insecure about your butt, don’t go with the bright orange yoga pants, for instance. At the same time, it’s fun to inject some color into your workout wardrobe, such as a bright stripe down the leg of your shorts, or neon purple shoelaces in your running shoes.
  • Light colors – White or pale colors should be avoided when choosing flattering work-out clothes, as they do nothing to hide figure flaws and may instead draw attention to any problem areas.

Choosing Flattering Patterns for Exercise Clothes

  • Don’t wear the same patterns on the top and bottom – Whileit’s OK to double up on color, if you wear the same pattern on top and bottom, you risk looking like upholstery or a clown, which is certainly not the chic fitness look you’re striving for. For patterns in general it is best to stick to one patterned piece per outfit, so if you have a great patterned tank, combine it with a solid bottom piece.
  • Stripes – Vertical stripes can be a girl’s best friend, and help create a long, lean line that is flattering to the body. To avoid looking like you’re in a pin-stripe suit, pick something that has one, solid, bold line going down the side, like yoga pants or a fitted tank top. The old adage rings true about horizontal stripes, as they can tend to make you look wider than you actually are.

These are just some of the colors and patterns that you can use to help you choose a flattering work-out outfit that exudes style and confidence.

If you go to the gym often, you don’t want to have to scramble to find something clean (and cute) to wear every time you head out the door. Be sure you have a variety of shirts, tank tops, pants and shorts that all go together. This will ensure that you are always at the forefront of fitness fashion.

Simplicity is key to finding flattering fitness wear that is comfortable, practical and will make you happy to get dressed to go to the gym. Find 3 or 4 tops in simple colors — think black, gray, dark blue, deep purple and other dark colors — that are slimming and also go with a variety of other shades.

Buy clothes that contain some Spandex or Lycra. Though, you’ll want to stay far away from anything that is made of 100% Spandex as it will show any bumps or lumps that might have you feeling a little insecure. A top that contains just a bit of Spandex however, is less likely to travel south while you’re working on your Sun Salutations or stretching for aerobics.

Keep it very simple with your bottoms, choosing shorts, pants or capris that are dark, but will pair nicely with a brighter top. The Spandex and Lycra blend rule applies here as well, but be particularly conscious to not buy any pants that are too tight in the crotch. Try on the bottoms before you buy them and move around in the dressing room to ensure you’ve found exercise pants with a flattering fit.

The key to looking fabulous in your flattering and fashion forward exercise clothes is to change it up with different combinations. You don’t need a ton of outfits, just a handful of really well-chosen options. If everything in your exercise wardrobe goes together, you’ll always look great at the gym.

If you’re truly interested in achieving your fitness goals, do yourself a favor and invest in exercise clothes that are flattering, fashionable and fun. If you like the way you look in your exercise outfits, you’ll be more likely to put them on, whether you choose to work out at a big, modern gym, jog in the park, or exercise in your living room to a DVD.

Looking great at the gym is as simple as finding fitness clothes that show off your best assets while downplaying any areas that you’re still working on. Dark colors will be the most flattering, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of bright color or a well-chosen pattern.

Opt for fabrics that are a blend of cotton with a low percentage of Lycra or Spandex and always find a fit that is close, but not tight.

Armed with these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to styling a gym wardrobe that is flattering and fashion forward.