It’s no longer hip to be square. Open relationships are apparently all the rage for some couples. But by exploring extracurricular activities with additional partners, the only thing you may be opening up is a can of worms. An open relationship is where a couple decides they want to be together without the restraints of monogamy. Of course, the most open thing about this type of arrangement is the individuals’ minds. While it might sound great in theory, it takes a special relationship to endure this type of freedom. Open relationships work for couples who are down with getting down with others.
As with all relationships, even open ones have rules. Here are some of the biggies for couples who prefer to expand their horizons.

Honesty — first and foremost. Talk openly about what you are comfortable with and what you are not. While some couples prefer a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, others want to know every detail of their partner’s exploits. Regardless of what ruled you lay down, it’s imperative that you always keep the channels of communication open. Next, remember there is a fine line between what is physical and emotional. Don’t cross it. Just because your relationship is open doesn’t mean you have a license to get emotionally attached to someone else. Don’t muddy the waters. A fling is just that. Letting it evolve into anything more is a recipe for disaster. Another no-brainer — always practice safe sex for the sake of everyone involved. Last but not least, always remember that adopting an open relationship lifestyle is one door you might not be able to close.