First she loved the attention; now she hates it. For those media fools who have tried to make Lindsay Lohan out to be more than a funny Valentine for quotes and sound bytes, the best advice is to love her and leave her alone.

We all embraced the early breakout big screen role playing, wildly controversial actress who came to make us love the tweener era again. She was the prototype; an emerging young woman with talents worth diamonds and pearls in an industry of tarnished political old school stroke. Yes, we egged her on in her efforts to be a fashion trendsetter and yes, we were the ones that cast celebrity on the things that came to matter more than box office hits.

And when her ‘habits’ and public ‘body count’ rejected the promising career like a scorned lover, we’ll admitted she became a distant lover to us.

And now that she’s back, is there any surprise that she wants us to cry her a river? The reporters and bloggers, those she never dreamed would leave in summer, those who once wrote her daily love letters and posts, lavishing praise on her fame and her career to no end have returned. We want her back; not just the career, but the same smile that used to light up the red carpets.

But the gal who wanted to be always in our hearts, is now cold as ice. We didn’t really treat her right, but it’s not all of our fault. It’s not like she didn’t threaten to step out on us, or avoided saying what she felt about her drug and legal miscues getting in the way of what we were feeling; Neither of us were perfect.

But we all were and still are, willing to try.

We’ll try to be more patient, she’ll try to be more mature. We’ll be loyal, she’ll do her best to return to living clean; love will keep us together.

Even if it means we get the silent treatment for a while.