Some men are meant to date while others are only good to look at from afar, at least for the moment. Dating can be complicated and while you shouldn’t necessarily think of every potential date as your next husband, you don’t want to waste your time with someone that will in turn be a nuisance. Let’s face it, some men come with baggage just as some women do. If you’re not looking for baggage or added stress to your life, take heed when dating these types of men. Just look no further than our sibling site Mobilife Buzz, who proclaims that you can ask women out via text. Nuff said.

Mr. ‘It’s Complicated’
This goes beyond his status on Facebook, if he refers to his current relationship status as complicated, stay away. While we know relationships can be quite difficult, he should know if he is single or in a relationship; and if he isn’t sure about it now, he may not be sure when the two of you get more serious. Leave him alone to deal with his ‘complications’.

The Real-life Ladies Man
This is self explanatory. If he loves the ladies and they love him back, you may have a major problem on your hands if he isn’t mature or ready enough to deal with it. Of course this doesn’t mean stay away from every sexy, desirable man you meet; but if he has a desire to chase they ladies and they actually don’t mind him chasing, this could be a combination for disaster.

The Early Big Spender
Some men love to show off what they’ve worked hard to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Well, no. It just becomes a problem when he is spending an entire paycheck at the club, maxing out credit card to keep up with the ‘Jones’, and even worse sports a luxury car while living with his mom. Irresponsible much?
Simply take heed to big spenders who live beyond their means. Sometimes they are attempting overcompensate for something they’re lacking. Or ensure that he is not irresponsible with money management.

Mr. I Just Need a Girl Right Now
You may be wondering, why wouldn’t you want a man who actually wants a girlfriend. Well, there’s a difference in him wanting you than just wanting any girl to call his girlfriend. If he appears desperate to find a girl, he may not be interested in you but instead the ‘idea’ of you. This may create a weak foundation for a relationship. After all, he may not be desperate for long.
Not to mention, it should raise eyebrows as to why he is so desperate to find love.

The Man Who Proclaims Platonic Friends
If he’s not gay, why should he have more girlfriends than you whom he chats with frequently? Is his personality just that charming that every girl wants him as her BFF? Most men have friends of the opposite sex, but if he has a plethora of ‘girlfriends’ that he talks to or hangs out with frequently, this could be a red flag.

BONUS. Mr. 160 Characters or Less
In the day and age when texting is prevalent, it’s almost impossible to suggest that a man won’t or shouldn’t text you. After all, some things are easier said in 160 characters or less.

It only becomes a problem if texting is your only means of communication. If you’ve talked on the phone or gone out only once but he texts you long, lengthy conversations every day, this could be a red flag. Why can’t he call? Is he hiding something?
Some people, especially men, don’t like to sit on the phone for hours. This is understandable; but texting shouldn’t be the only means of getting to know someone, if you’re really interested.