How To Apply Red Lipstick Like A Pro

Red lipstick is perhaps the boldest make up statement a girl could make. It is classic, instantly adds glamor and oozes sex appeal. But most girls are afraid to wear red on the lips, and some don’t know the correct way to wear it, and they end up looking like a toddler who messed up with mommy’s make up. Here are some steps to help you apply red lipstick like a professional beauty artist:

    1. Start off with clean, supple lips. Scrub using a wet toothbrush or Lush Lip Scrub. Apply a good lip balm.

    2. Take a lip brush and apply your tone of concealer around your lips. This will help the color not to bleed. Remember to apply outside the lip line not on it.

    3. If you have dark lips, you can also apply concealer on your lips for the true color of the lipstick to show.

    4. A good red lipstick trick is to line your lips with a nude lip pencil. A red lip liner is a strict no.

    5. Fill in the lips with the red lipstick using a lip brush. Unless you are a pro, don’t apply it directly out of the tube.

    6. Take your time to fill in the color precisely.

    7. Wipe out any access with a q-tip or blot using a tissue paper.

    8. For a more sexy look, dab a little clear gloss on the center of your lips.


    1. Always keep your eyes neutral with red lips. Bold eyes and bold lips don’t go together.

    2. Use a blush in the same color family as your lipstick to give an overall pleasing look.

    3. Fair skinned women should wear red lipsticks with blue undertones, medium-toned women should opt for orange bases, while dark skinned women should opt for pinkish-reds.